This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.ProcessConfiguration.Client Namespace

Visual Studio 2012

Public classAddPanelConfigurationAdd panel configuration
Public classAgileProjectConfigurationProject configuration settings for the agile features.
Public classColumnUsed to store information about columns used in the Product Backlog.
Public classCommonProjectConfigurationContains common configuration values that are used to allow for customization of the process template.
Public classFieldField information
Public classIterationBacklogConfiguration
Public classProcessConfigurationService
Public classProductBacklogConfigurationproduct backlog configuration
Public classProjectProcessConfigurationServicePublic interface for the ProcessConfigurationService Web service. Allows for process configuration items (such as task board/backlog settings) to be set/retrieved/validated.
Public classStateUsed to store information about states used in both the Product Backlog and the Taskboard.
Public classTeamConfigurationContains team setting.
Public classTeamFieldValueContains the details for a single team field value.
Public classTeamSettingsContains team setting.
Public classTeamSettingsConfigurationServicePublic interface for the TeamConfigurationService Web service. Allows for team configuration items (such as product backlog path, team fields) to be set and retrieved.
Public classTypeFieldField information
Public classTypeFieldValueTypeField value information
Public classWorkItemCategoryA Workitem Category

Public enumerationFieldTypeEnumField Categories
Public enumerationStateTypeEnumRepresents the possible categories available for each taskboard and PBL state.