ServiceDefinition Class

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Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.dll)

[ClassVisibilityAttribute(ClientVisibility.Public, ClientVisibility.Internal)]
public class ServiceDefinition

The ServiceDefinition type exposes the following members.

Public methodServiceDefinition()
Public methodServiceDefinition(String, Guid, String, String, RelativeToSetting, String, String)Factory method for creating service definitions. Location Mappings can be added by means of the [IServiceDefinition.AddLocationMapping()] function. Note that this method does not register a service definition.

Public propertyDescriptionText that documents or describes what this service is or how it is used.
Public propertyDisplayNameThe display name for this service definition.
Public propertyIdentifierThe identifier for this instance of this service type.Together a [ServiceType] and an [Identifier] uniquely identify a service definition.
Public propertyIsSingleton Obsolete. If [true], this is the only service definition with this type. If this service definition is about to be registered and this is [true], no service definitions with this service type can already be registered. If this definition is being updated so that it is a singleton definition, it must be the only definition registered. Once a singleton definition is registered, no other service definitions with the given service type can be registered.
Public propertyLocationMappingsThe location mappings that define where this service lives for given access mappings for [FullyQualified] service definitions. For any service definition that is relative, this will always be empty.
Public propertyRelativePathThe relative path for this service definition. If the [RelativeToSetting] is [FullyQualified], this value must be null. Otherwise it must contain the part of the path that is relative to whatever the relative setting is for the service. If the caller changes this value, this definition will contain incorrect values for its [LocationMappings] and will return incorrect locations for calls to [LocationForZone] until it is passed back into the [LocationServiceAPI].
Public propertyRelativeToSettingThe tier of [TeamFoundationServer] that this service is relative to.This, together with the [RelativePath] and the location service definition entry for the access mapping, is used to determine the final location of services that have a setting other than [FullyQualified]. If the caller changes this value, this definition will contain incorrect values for its [LocationMappings] and will return incorrect locations for calls to [LocationForZone] until it is passed back into the [LocationServiceAPI].
Public propertyRelativeToSettingValue
Public propertyServiceOwner
Public propertyServiceTypeThis is the name of the type of the service that is being defined. Note that multiple services can have the same [ServiceType]. Together a [ServiceType] and an [Identifier] uniquely identify a service definition.
Public propertyToolIdThe category of "tools" that this service is a part of. This corresponds to the old registration tool ID.

Public methodAddLocationMappingAdds a location mapping for the provided access mapping and location to the service definition. Note that if a mapping already exists for the provided access mapping, it will be overwritten.
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Public methodGetLocationMappingReturns the [LocationMapping] for the [AccessMapping] provided or null if this [ServiceDefinition] does not have a [LocationMapping] for the provided [AccessMapping]. This function will always return null if it is called on a non-relative [ServiceDefinition].
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Public methodRemoveLocationMappingRemoves the location mapping for the access mapping provided. Note that access mappings are determined to be equal based on their moniker.
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