ProcessTemplateDescriptor Class

Encapsulates process template information, such as Id, Name, Description, but does not contain a template itself.


Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server.dll)

public sealed class ProcessTemplateDescriptor

The ProcessTemplateDescriptor type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDescriptionA description of the template
Public propertyIdThe id of the template
Public propertyIsDefaultWhether or not the template is the default template. For PCW this means the template that is used if the customer does not make a template selection.
Public propertyMetadataExtra metadata associated with the template
Public propertyNameThe template name (e.g. "MSF for Agile Software Development v6.0")
Public propertyVersionProcess Template Version

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