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Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server Namespace

Public classAccessCheckExceptionAn exception that will be thrown whenever a check permission call fails.
Public classAccessControlEntryClass for encapsulating the allowed and denied permissions for a given [IdentityDescriptor].
Public classAccessControlEntryDetailsThis class exists for web service serialization and for reading ACEs out of the database.While you could do this on the [AccessControlEntry] class itself, this enables us to hide any properties that should not actually be a part of the public server OM.
Public classAccessControlEntryTable
Public classAccessControlListThe [AccessControlList] class is meant to associate a set of [AccessControlEntries] with a security token and its inheritance settings. It is important to note that the [AccessControlList] class does not talk to a database when its methods are called.It provides a staging area for changes to the [AccessControlEntries] for a secured token. Once changes are made to an [AccessControlList] it can be saved to the web service by passing it into a [TeamFoundationSecurityNamespace].
Public classAccessControlListDetailsExists for web service serialization and for reading ACLs out of the database.While you could do this on the [AccessControlList] class itself, this enables us to hide any properties that should not actually be a part of the public server OM.
Public classAccessControlListTable
Public classAccessDeniedException
Public classAccessMapping
Public classAccessMappingNotRegisteredExceptionThrown when there is a problem related to access mappings.
Public classAccountPreferences
Public classAccountPreferencesAlreadyExistException
Public classAccountPropertyConstants
Public classAceExtendedInformationHolds the inherited and effective permission information for a given [AccessControlEntry].
Public classAcquireDatabasePartitionException
Public classActionDefinition
Public classActionDefinitionTable
Public classActionDeniedBySubscriberExceptionThis exception is raised when a subscriber has vetoed a decision point publication event.
Public classActivityLogEntry
Public classActivityLoggingAttribute
Public classActivityLogParameter
Public classAddGroupMemberIllegalInternetIdentityExceptionCannot add Internet identity to on premise deployment
Public classAddGroupMemberIllegalMemberExceptionYou can only add Windows users to the License group.
Public classAddGroupMemberIllegalWindowsIdentityExceptionCannot add windows identity to hosted deployment
Public classAddGroupMemberOverLicenseLimitExceptionToo many members in license group.
Public classAddMemberCyclicMembershipExceptionYou are trying to add a group that is a parent group of the current group, throw by the data tier.
Public classAddMemberEveryoneException
Public classAddMemberGroupMissingExceptionYou must specify a group when you are adding members to the group, thrown by the application tier
Public classAddMemberIdentityAlreadyMemberExceptionTrying to add a member to a group that is already a member of the group, thrown by the data tier.
Public classAddMemberIdentityMissingExceptionYou must specify an SID to add to the group when you are adding members; thrown by the application tier.
Public classAddMemberNoGroupExceptionGroup does not exist, thrown by data tier
Public classAddProjectGroupProjectMismatchExceptionYou cannot add a project group to a project group in a different project
Public classAddProjectGroupToGlobalGroupExceptionYou cannot add a project group to a global group
Public classAllowEmptyArrayAttribute
Public classAnalysisServiceConnectionExceptionThrown when there are errors related to Analysis Services connection.
Public classApplicationGroupDescription
Public classArtifactKindThe artifactKind describes an artifact type supported thru the property service API.
Public classArtifactKindAlreadyExistsExceptionArtifactKindRestrictedException - this is thrown when a call is made to the public property service to read/write an internal property kind. Internal property kinds cannot be accessed via the generic Web service.
Public classArtifactKindRestrictedExceptionArtifactKindRestrictedException - this is thrown when a call is made to the public property service to read/write an internal property kind. Internal property kinds cannot be accessed via the generic Web service.
Public classArtifactKindsMustBeUniformExceptionArtifactKindsMustBeUniformException - this is thrown when a call is made supplying a list of artifact specs and the system requires that all artifact specs be from the same artifact kind.
Public classArtifactPropertyValueRepresents a Team Foundation Artifact associated with a set of property-value pairs.
Public classArtifactSpecRepresents a Team Foundation Artifact property specification.
Public classArtifactTagIds<T>
Public classArtifactTags<T>
Public classArtifactUriNotSupportedException
Public classArtifactVersionSpecExposes constants to represent non-versioned or all versions.
Public classAssemblyServicingOperationProvider
Public classAssemblyServicingStepGroupProvider
Public classAttachCollectionException
Public classAvailableDatabaseCategories
Public classAzureClientIPRestrictedException
Public classAzureDatabaseQuotaReachedException
Public classAzureDeprecatedFeatureException
Public classAzureLoginBadUserException
Public classAzureOperationNotSupportedException
Public classAzureProcessingException
Public classAzureServerUnavailableException
Public classAzureServiceBusyException
Public classAzureSessionTerminatedException
Public classBadChecksumExceptionThrown when a file checksum does not match.
Public classBasePreferences
Public classBasicAuthEmailEvent
Public classBasicAuthPasswordChangeLimitException
Public classBindPendingProvider
Public classBlobProviderConfigurationException
Public classBooleanTable
Public classByteArrayRepresents a large (>64kB) byte array. Uses buffer pooling to eliminate pressure on the common language runtime large object heap.
Public classCallOnDeserializationAttribute
Public classCallOnSerializationAttribute
Public classCannotAccessIdentitiesAfterDetachExceptionYou cannot map collection identities after [Detach] before [Attach].
Public classCannotUpdateDefaultCollectionException
Public classCatalogNodeDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when an operation is performed on a non-existent node.
Public classCatalogResourceDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when an operation is performed on a non-existent resource.
Public classCatalogResourceTypeDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when a resource with an invalid resource type is created.
Public classClaimsProvider
Public classClassNotSealedAttribute
Public classClassVisibilityAttribute
Public classCleanupJobInProgressExceptionThrown by upload when the cleanup job is in progress
Public classClientConditionalAttribute
Public classClientEnumAttribute
Public classClientIgnoreAttribute
Public classClientPropertyAttribute
Public classClientServiceAttribute
Public classClientServiceMethodAttribute
Public classClientTypeAttribute
Public classClientValueAttribute
Public classCollationException
Public classCollectionDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when the client tries to perform an operation (such as delete) on a collection that does not exist.
Public classCollectionLogWriter
Public classCollectionMisconfiguredException
Public classCollectionPropertyException
Public classCommandCommand class that all Business Logic commands derive from. Each command implementation should implement an [Execute] method that performs the actual work for this command.
Public classComponentCreator<TComponent>Team Foundation Server component creator.
Public classComponentFactory
Public classComponentFactoryException
Public classConnectionStringsUpdatedEventArgsUsed to pass the database category data into a TeamFoundationDatabaseSettings.ConnectionStringsUpdated event.
Public classContainerAlreadyExistsException
Public classContainerItem
Public classContainerItemCopyDuplicateTargetsException
Public classContainerItemCopySourcePendingUploadException
Public classContainerItemCopyTargetChildOfSourceException
Public classContainerItemDoesNotExistsException
Public classContainerItemExistsException
Public classContainerNotFoundException
Public classContainersController
Public classCoreDatabaseBuilder
Public classCounterInfo
Public classCustomSerializationHooksAttribute
Public classDatabaseAlreadyExistsException
Public classDatabaseAlreadyRegisteredException
Public classDatabaseCategoryNotRegisteredExceptionThis exception is raised when a database category that does not exist is requested in the [TeamFoundationSqlResourceComponent].
Public classDatabaseConfigurationException
Public classDatabaseConnectionException
Public classDatabaseFullException
Public classDatabaseInformation
Public classDatabaseInstanceException
Public classDatabaseLogWriter
Public classDatabaseNotFoundException
Public classDatabaseOperationCanceledException
Public classDatabaseOperationTimeoutException
Public classDatabasePartitionRepresents a logical host partition in a multi-tenant database
Public classDatabasePartitionBinder
Public classDatabasePartitionCannotBeDeletedException
Public classDatabasePartitionNotFoundException
Public classDatabasePoolAlreadyExistsExceptionThis exception is raised when the specified database pool already exists.
Public classDatabasePoolCannotBeDeletedExceptionThis exception is raised when the specified database pool already exists.
Public classDatabasePoolFullExceptionThis exception is raised when the specified database pool already exists.
Public classDatabasePoolNotFoundException
Public classDatabaseRuntimeException
Public classDatabaseSchemaException
Public classDatabaseSplitAnalysisResult
Public classDatabaseTenantUsageBinder
Public classDataChangedEvent
Public classDataTierNotFoundException
Public classDateTimeShiftDetectedExceptionThis exception is thrown when a data change operation results in the server detecting a clock roll forward or roll back, for example, when a previous edit of the data was recorded at a [datetime] value later than the current edit. The [securityNamespace] is expected to run the [TFDateFixer] power toy to fix the dates before users can continue data updates.
Public classDateTimeTable
Public classDBExecutingDeadlockExceptionThrown when there is a deadlock during execution of a stored procedure after the deadlock retries have been exhausted.
Public classDBPathHelper class for converting user paths into SQL paths.
Public classDBResultDeadlockExceptionThrown when there is a deadlock while the program reads results from the database
Public classDefaultSecurityNamespaceExtension
Public classDefaultServiceImplementationAttribute
Public classDeleteSelfException
Public classDeliveryPreference
Public classDeltaException
Public classDeltaLibrary
Public classDeltaTooLargeException
Public classDeploymentServiceHost
Public classDictionaryWrapper<TKey, TValue>
Public classDisposableCollection<T>
Public classDoubleTable
Public classDuplicateFeatureException
Public classDuplicateFileNameExceptionThrown by upload when a duplicate file name is passed in.
Public classDuplicateJobIdExceptionException when [UpdateJobs] has multiple job definitions with the same [jobId].
Public classDuplicateJobScheduleExceptionException when UpdateJobs has duplicate schedules associated with the same job definition.
Public classDuplicateLocationMappingExceptionThrown when someone tries to register a location mapping that is in the incorrect context.
Public classDuplicateStepPerformerExceptionThrown when more than one step performer with the same name occurs in the system.
Public classDuplicateTagNameException
Public classDuplicateTagProviderException
Public classEnumerationNoneArgumentException
Public classEventExceptionExceptions thrown by the event manager about eventing issues derive from EventException
Public classExpressionToken
Public classExtendedAttributeComponentThe extended attribute component connects to a database and reads or writes extended attributes. It does not use any installed objects to perform this task. This component does not perform version checks because it is not connecting to a logical database, instead it is used to perform the validation in the higher level components.
Public classExtensibleServiceTypeNotRegisteredException
Public classExtensibleServiceTypeNotValidException
Public classExtensionStepPerformerProvider
Public classExtensionUtilityException
Public classFailedToAcquireServicingLockException
Public classFavoriteItemClass to represent favorite entry in Identity Favorites Store
Public classFileAlreadyUploadedExceptionThrown by upload when someone attempts to upload a file multiple times.
Public classFileContainerException
Public classFileIdNotFoundExceptionThrown by download when a bad file ID is passed.
Public classFileStatistics
Public classFileSystemProvider
Public classFileSystemServicingOperationProvider
Public classFileSystemServicingStepGroupProvider
Public classFilteredIdentitiesListThis is the result of a call to ReadFilteredIdentities
Public classFindGroupNameDoesNotExistExceptionGroup you were looking up does not exist, thrown by the data tier
Public classFindGroupSidDoesNotExistExceptionGroup you were looking up does not exist, thrown by the data tier
Public classForbiddenHostNamesForbiddenNames is class that tracks a set of keyword/names that are reserved for use in the URL space. This means Accounts, Collections, and Projects should not be able to use these terms.
Public classFrameworkRegistrationEntry
Public classFullPermissionSetForwarderBaseA base class for forwarding permissions from a flat namespace to a namespace that can derive all of its permissions from the source namespace.
Public classGroupCreationExceptionThe group you are creating already exists, thrown by the data tier
Public classGroupMembership
Public classGroupMembershipTable
Public classGroupNameNotRecognizedException
Public classGroupRenameExceptionGroup rename error; the new name is already being used.
Public classGroupScopeCreationExceptionYou are trying to create a group scope that already exists
Public classGroupScopeDoesNotExistExceptionUnable to locate project for the project URI passed in.
Public classGroupWellKnownIdentityDescriptors
Public classGuidInt32Table
Public classGuidStringTable
Public classGuidTable
Public classHostAlreadyExistsException
Public classHostCannotBeDeletedException
Public classHostCreationException
Public classHostDoesNotExistException
Public classHostInstanceDoesNotExistException
Public classHostManagementException
Public classHostMustBeTopLevelException
Public classHostProcessNotFoundException
Public classHostProcessPingRequest
Public classHostProcessPingResponse
Public classHostPropertiesChangedEventArgsUsed to pass data to the [TeamFoundatServiceHost.HostPropertiesChanged] event.
Public classHostReadyEvent
Public classHostShutdownExceptionHostShutdownException is thrown when a call is made to the ThrowIfShutdownReceived is called on a host that is shutting down.
Public classHostStatusChangedEventArgs
Public classHostStatusChangeException
Public classHttpComponentCreator<TComponent>
Public classHttpComponentResponseException
Public classHttpContextConstants
Public classHttpResourceComponent
Public classHttpRouteCollectionExtensions
Public classIdentityAccountNameAlreadyInUseException
Public classIdentityAlreadyExistsExceptionThe identity already exists.
Public classIdentityChangedNotificationThe [IdentityChangedNotification] for in-process notifications.
Public classIdentityDescriptorA wrapper for the identity type—Windows SID, Passport Network credentials—and a unique identifier such as the SID or PUID.
Public classIdentityDescriptorComparerClass used for comparing identity descriptors.
Public classIdentityDomainDoesNotExistExceptionIMS domain is incorrect for operation
Public classIdentityDomainMismatchExceptionIMS domain is incorrect for operation.
Public classIdentityExpressionException
Public classIdentityFavoritesA view around TeamFoundationIdentity or TeamFoundationTeam
Public classIdentityHelper
Public classIdentityMembershipTable
Public classIdentityNotFoundExceptionReadIdentityFromSource returned null and we need an identity to continue the operation
Public classIdentityNotServiceIdentityExceptionThe identity is not a service identity
Public classIdentityPropertiesViewThis is a wrapper class for an Identity that makes it convenient for working with its properties.
Public classIdentityPropertyRequiredException
Public classIdentityProviderUnavailableExceptionIdentity provider not available
Public classIdentityQueueTable
Public classIdentityStoreReadOnlyModeException
Public classIdentitySyncException
Public classIgnoreDormancyProhibitedException
Public classIllegalDeleteSelfReferenceServiceDefinitionExceptionThis is thrown when someone tries to register a location mapping that is in the incorrect context.
Public classIllegalIdentityException
Public classIncompatibleCompressionFormatExceptionThrown when a compressed file is not in a supported compression format.
Public classIncompatibleTokenException
Public classIncompleteUploadExceptionThrown when the client uploads the last chunk of a file, but some of the previous chunks are not there. It is also thrown when the uploaded content is not fully received, because of slow network connection, for example.
Public classIncorrectSizeExceptionThrown when a file length does not match.
Public classInt32StringTable
Public classInt32Table
Public classIntentLockIntent Lock class
Public classInvalidAccessException
Public classInvalidAccessPointExceptionThis exception is thrown when a user tries to register a new access mapping with an invalid location service URL.
Public classInvalidBindPendingIdentityDescriptorException
Public classInvalidCatalogDeleteNodeExceptionThrown when an invalid delete is tried.
Public classInvalidCatalogNodeMoveExceptionThrown when an invalid move is tried.
Public classInvalidCatalogNodePathExceptionThrown when we encounter an invalid path.
Public classInvalidCatalogSaveNodeExceptionThrown when an attempt is made to save an invalid node.
Public classInvalidCatalogSaveResourceExceptionThrown when an attempt is made to save an invalid resource.
Public classInvalidCollationException
Public classInvalidDisplayNameException
Public classInvalidEscapeSequenceException
Public classInvalidFeatureDescriptionException
Public classInvalidFeatureNameException
Public classInvalidLobParameterException
Public classInvalidParentHostExceptionRaised when a host has an invalid parent host or parent host type for the desired operation.
Public classInvalidQuotaException
Public classInvalidRequestContextHostExceptionThis exception is raised when a request context from the incorrect host has been passed into a function.
Public classInvalidSecurityNamespaceDescriptionExceptionRepresents that a user specified an invalid description when trying to create a security namespace.
Public classInvalidSecurityNamespaceExceptionThrown when a user tries to update a namespace that does not exist.
Public classInvalidSecurityTokenExceptionThis is thrown when someone tries to set a permission on a token that is not valid for a given namespace
Public classInvalidServiceDefinitionExceptionThis is thrown when one of the properties of a service definition is invalid on register or lookup.
Public classInvalidServiceIdentityNameException
Public classInvalidServiceVersionException
Public classInvalidServicingStepTypeException
Public classInvalidTagArtifactKindException
Public classInvalidTagArtifactTypeException
Public classInvalidTagNameException
Public classInvalidTokenFormatExpcetion
Public classJobAgentException
Public classJobAgentTeardownTimeoutExceptionException thrown when the Teardown operation times out during job agent recycling or shutdown.
Public classJobCannotBePausedExceptionException when a job is in a state other than running and therefore cannot be paused.
Public classJobCannotBeResumedExceptionException when a job is in a state other than paused and therefore cannot be resumed.
Public classJobCannotBeStoppedExceptionException when a job is in a state other than running and therefore cannot be stopped.
Public classJobCannotBeUpdatedExceptionException when a protected job is targeted by a client request.
Public classJobCompletedNotificationThis notification event is fired when a job finishes.
Public classJobDefinitionNotFoundException
Public classJobDefinitionUpdateTable
Public classJobDefinitionUpdateTable2
Public classJobDidntPauseExceptionException when a job extension does not pause (fast enough).
Public classJobIntervalNotSupportedExceptionException when a job schedule has interval that is not supported.
Public classJobQueueEntryTable
Public classJobQueueEntryTable2
Public classJobQueueEntryWithJobSourceTable
Public classJobQueueEntryWithJobSourceTable2
Public classJobsStillRunningExceptionException when a job agent is recycling or ending and one or more jobs will not stop.
Public classKeyValue<TKeyType, TValueType>A general-purpose two property class. Intended to allow for returning a pair of strongly-typed values or building a list of value pairs without adding a class. Useful for serializing dictionaries, because KeyValuePairs cannot be serialized directly.
Public classKeyValuePairGuidGuidTable
Public classKeyValuePairGuidStringTable
Public classKeyValuePairInt32DateTimeTable
Public classKeyValuePairInt32Int32Table
Public classKeyValuePairInt32StringTable
Public classKeyValuePairStringInt32Table
Public classKeyValuePairStringTable
Public classLicenseFeatures
Public classLicensing
Public classLocationMapping
Public classLocationMappingDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when someone tries to register a location mapping that is in the incorrect context.
Public classLocationNotFoundException
Public classLockHelperHelper class: Takes a series of locks and releases them in the correct order when disposed
Public classLockManagerLockManager class.
Public classLockManager.NamedLockObjectRepresents a named lock object. Ideally this object should be internal for LockManager, but for efficiency we distribute references to this object to callers and enable them to cache such references. Note that this class does not have useful public methods, all methods are internal (although this may not provide sufficient protection considering that its internal interface is still exposed to all code in "friendly assemblies"). Please, outside LockManager code, treat this object as opaque reference !
Public classLockName<T>Lock name with a value of a given type.
Public classLockName<T1, T2>Lock name with two values of given types.
Public classLockTimeoutException
Public classLogExceptionFilterAttribute
Public classMailRequest
Public classMessageBusAlreadySubscribingException
Public classMessageBusConfigurationException
Public classMessageBusNotFoundException
Public classMethodInformationMethod information is used to describe an invocation of a web method Tracking parameters, timings, and other method details
Public classMethodTime
Public classMimeMapping
Public classMissingFeatureException
Public classMissingQuotaDefinitionException
Public classModifyEveryoneGroupExceptionYou must specify a group when removing members from a group, thrown by the application tier.
Public classMultipleIdentitiesFoundException
Public classMultiplePartitionsNotSupportedException
Public classNotApplicationGroupExceptionThis exception is thrown when a user tries to add a group that is not an application group. We do not modify the memberships of Windows groups.
Public classNotASecurityGroupExceptionThis exception is thrown when a user tries to add a distribution list to a group. We only allow for security groups to be used.
Public classOAuthApplicationRepresents a registered OAuth client application
Public classOAuthApplicationAlreadyExistsExceptionException when an OAuth application already exists.
Public classOAuthApplicationNotFoundException
Public classOAuthToken
Public classOAuthTokenNotFoundException
Public classObjectBinder<T>Provides iterative access to strongly typed objects Wraps the functionality of the SqlDataReader so that it does not have to be referred to in the business layer.
Public classOrderedGuidTable
Public classOrderedIdentityDescriptorTable
Public classOrderedLockProvides a synchronization mechanism that preserves ordering.
Public classOrderedLock.Position
Public classOrderedStringTable
Public classOutboundLinkType
Public classPartialPermissionSetForwarderBaseThis is a base class for forwarding permissions from a flat namespace to a namespace that derives only a subset of its permissions from the source namespace.
Public classPartialPermissionSetNamespaceExtensionThis class is meant to work together with the [ISecurityNamespaceExtension] interface to allow for easily implementing the [HasPermission], [QueryPermissions] and [QueryEffectivePermissions] calls for namespaces that forward a partial set of their permissions to another namespace.
Public classPendingUploadNotFoundException
Public classPermissionTable
Public classPluginTagProviderFactory
Public classPreGroupDeletionNotification
Public classProjectNotFoundException
Public classProjectServicingTokenConstants
Public classPropertyDefinitionUsed to represent a property type in the property service. Each property is assigned a unique ID and can be used in any property service namespace.
Public classPropertyDefinitionDoesNotExistExceptionPropertyDoesNotExistException - this is thrown when a call is made to get a property definition that does not exist.
Public classPropertyServiceExceptionPropertyServiceException - this type can be used by SqlExceptionFactory ONLY
Public classPropertyValueRepresents a property-value pair.
Public classProxyParentClassAttribute
Public classPublicTokenTable
Public classQueryExpression
Public classQueryExpressionException
Public classQueryJobsTable
Public classQuotaDefinition
Public classQuotaDefinitionsManager
Public classQuotaDefinitionTable
Public classQuotaExceededException
Public classQuotaValue
Public classQuotaValueCollection
Public classQuotaValueProvidersManager
Public classQuotaValuesManager
Public classRedirectionExceptionThrown when a ITeamFoundationRequestFilter is redirecting a client to a different url for a resource.
Public classRegistrationArtifactType
Public classRegistrationDatabase
Public classRegistrationEventType
Public classRegistrationExtendedAttribute2
Public classRegistrationServiceInterface
Public classRegistryAuditEntry
Public classRegistryEntry
Public classRegistryEntryCollection
Public classRegistryPathException
Public classRegistryPathPatternException
Public classReleaseInfo
Public classReleaseManifest
Public classRemoveAccessMappingExceptionThis is thrown when someone tries to unregister an access mapping that is the default of a service definition.
Public classRemoveGroupMemberExceptionGroup you were trying to delete from does not exist; thrown by the data tier.
Public classRemoveGroupMemberNotMemberExceptionGroup member you are trying to delete was not a member of the group.
Public classRemoveLastAdminGroupMemberExceptionYou cannot remove the last member from the global namespace admins group, thrown by the data tier
Public classRemoveLastLicensedAdminExceptionThey are deleting the last admin user from Licensed Users
Public classRemoveMemberGroupMissingExceptionYou must specify a group when removing members from a group, thrown by the application tier
Public classRemoveMemberIdentityMissingExceptionYou must specify a sid to remove when removing members from a group, thrown by the application tier
Public classRemoveMemberServiceAccountException
Public classRemoveNonexistentGroupExceptionTrying to remove a group that does not exist, thrown by the data tier.
Public classRemoveSelfFromAdminGroupExceptionYou cannot remove yourself from the global namespace admins group and lock yourself out of your collection/hosting account.
Public classRemoveSpecialGroupExceptionYou cannot remove any of the special groups: the global administrators group, the service users group, the Team Foundation valid users group, or a project administration group. Thrown by the data tier.
Public classReplaceDescriptorException
Public classRequestCanceledExceptionRequestCanceledException is thrown when a call is made to the ThrowIfCanceled is called on a request context that is shutting down.
Public classRequestContextBase
Public classRequestDisabledDetailsException
Public classRequestDisabledException
Public classRequestFilterExceptionThrown by the an ITeamFoundationRequestFilter when it wants to reject a request. The message provided will be relayed to the caller.
Public classRequestRestrictionsDescribes the authentication and handler requirements for a client request.
Public classRequiredClientServiceAttribute
Public classResourceManagementComponent
Public classResourceManagementComponent2
Public classResourceManagementSetting
Public classResourceStreamNotFoundExceptionThrown when the client uploads the last chunk of a file, but some of the previous chunks are not there. It is also thrown when the uploaded content is not fully received, because of slow network connection, for example.
Public classResultCollectionRepresents a collection of results returned from the database.
Public classSecurityChangedNotification
Public classSecurityNamespaceAlreadyExistsExceptionThis is thrown when someone tries to create a security namespace with an Id that already exists.
Public classSecurityNamespaceDescriptionClass for describing the details of a [TeamFoundationSecurityNamespace].
Public classSerializationWrapper
Public classServerTraceLogger
Public classServiceDefinition
Public classServiceDefinitionDoesNotExistExceptionThis is thrown when someone tries to get a location for a service definition that does not exist.
Public classServiceHost<T>
Public classServiceIdentityRepresents the service identity known to the system.
Public classServiceIdentityInfoThe service identity information.
Public classServiceLevel
Public classServiceLevelException
Public classServiceNotRegisteredException
Public classServiceVersionEntryEncapsulates service version information
Public classServiceVersionNotSupportedException
Public classServicingContext
Public classServicingDisabledException
Public classServicingExecutionHandlerData
Public classServicingHostValidatorConstants
Public classServicingIssues
Public classServicingItemConstants
Public classServicingJobData
Public classServicingJobDetailEach servicing operation for host is recorded and the details of the operation are described by the [ServicingJobDetail].
Public classServicingJobInfo
Public classServicingJobStats
Public classServicingLogEntry
Public classServicingLogger
Public classServicingLogWriter
Public classServicingOperationRepresents a block of one or more servicing step groups that are to be run back to back.
Public classServicingOperationAlreadyExistsException
Public classServicingOperationConstants
Public classServicingOperationHandlerNotFoundException
Public classServicingOperationInfo
Public classServicingOperationNotFoundException
Public classServicingOperationProviderBase
Public classServicingStep
Public classServicingStepAttribute
Public classServicingStepDetail
Public classServicingStepGroup
Public classServicingStepGroupAlreadyExistsException
Public classServicingStepGroupDependencyException
Public classServicingStepGroupHandlerNotFoundException
Public classServicingStepGroupInUseException
Public classServicingStepGroupNotFoundException
Public classServicingStepGroupProviderBase
Public classServicingStepLogEntry
Public classServicingStepStateChange
Public classServicingTokenConstants
Public classServicingValidationException
Public classSharePointServicingTokenConstants
Public classSidDescriptorFactory to create SID-based descriptors.
Public classSigningInfoContains information associated with the signing of objects
Public classSqlAzureException
Public classSqlAzureReason
Public classSqlBatch
Public classSqlColumnBinderThis class is a convienent way to efficiently access result columns. It caches column ordinals. To use this class, create a static instance of it, pass in the column name to the constructor, and use the GetXXX methods at runtime to retrieve the values. After the first GetXXX() call, the column number will be cached. This object should be reused for any future calls against the same shape of result set.
Public classSqlExceptionFactory
Public classSqlNotificationEventClasses
Public classSqlScript
Public classSqlScriptResourceComponent
Public classStepDetailLogger
Public classStepPerformerAttribute
Public classStepPerformerNotFoundExceptionThrown when the given step performer is not registered in the system.
Public classStreamingCollection<T>
Public classStreamingCollectionUnsupportedOperationException
Public classStreamWriterLogEntryHandler
Public classStringTable
Public classStructuredListLogEntryHandler
Public classSubscription
Public classSyncCounter
Public classSyncErrors
Public classTagArtifacts<T>
Public classTagDefinition
Public classTagDefinitionNotFoundException
Public classTagException
Public classTagIdArtifacts<T>
Public classTagProviderAttribute
Public classTeamFoundationAccessControlException
Public classTeamFoundationAccessControlServiceService used to configure Access Control for Hosted TFS
Public classTeamFoundationActivityLogServiceService used to retrieve activity log entries from activity log
Public classTeamFoundationApplicationCore
Public classTeamFoundationAuthenticationService
Public classTeamFoundationBaseRegistryService
Public classTeamFoundationBasicAuthService
Public classTeamFoundationCacheService<TKey, TValue>A base class that can be used to implement an in-memory cache service. This class provides thread safe get/add methods, implements ITeamFoundationService and cleanup scheduling. Derived class must implement a cleanup logic.
Public classTeamFoundationCatalogServiceExceptionBase class for all catalog service exceptions
Public classTeamFoundationCollationServiceCollation service
Public classTeamFoundationDatabaseCopyExceptionAn exception raised when a database is not successfully copied.
Public classTeamFoundationDatabaseManagementService
Public classTeamFoundationDatabasePool
Public classTeamFoundationDatabaseProperties
Public classTeamFoundationDatabaseSettings
Public classTeamFoundationDatabaseSplitException
Public classTeamFoundationDatabaseTenantUsage
Public classTeamFoundationDatabaseXmlWriterA class that encapsulates the StringWriter and XmlTextWriter that is typically used to write xml for SProc calls.
Public classTeamFoundationDataReaderA utility class which allows a variable set of data objects (and especially enumerable data objects) to be accessed in a sequential manner. The reader also disposes of important resources that may be associated with it and the objects that it contains.
Public classTeamFoundationDataTierComponent
Public classTeamFoundationDomainA Team Foundation domain is the identity domain owned by an IMS host.
Public classTeamFoundationEventIdDefine event log ID ranges.
Public classTeamFoundationEventLogTeam Foundation Log class.
Public classTeamFoundationEventLogger
Public classTeamFoundationEventService
Public classTeamFoundationExecutionStateA snapshot of the global and per-process state for one or all service hosts.
Public classTeamFoundationExtensionNotFoundException
Public classTeamFoundationExtensionUtility
Public classTeamFoundationFeatureAvailabilityService
Public classTeamFoundationFileContainer
Public classTeamFoundationFileContainerService
Public classTeamFoundationFileService
Public classTeamFoundationHostCreationValidState
Public classTeamFoundationHostManagementService
Public classTeamFoundationHostReadyState
Public classTeamFoundationHttpResourceManagementService
Public classTeamFoundationIdentityRepresents a user or group in Team Foundation Server.
Public classTeamFoundationIdentityService
Public classTeamFoundationIdentityServiceException
Public classTeamFoundationInvalidCertificateException
Public classTeamFoundationJobDefinition
Public classTeamFoundationJobExecutionEntry
Public classTeamFoundationJobHistoryEntry
Public classTeamFoundationJobQueueEntry
Public classTeamFoundationJobReference
Public classTeamFoundationJobSchedule
Public classTeamFoundationJobService
Public classTeamFoundationJobServiceExceptionBase class for job service exceptions
Public classTeamFoundationLocationService
Public classTeamFoundationLocationServiceExceptionBase class for all location service exceptions.
Public classTeamFoundationLock
Public classTeamFoundationLockException
Public classTeamFoundationLockInfoThe set of data that is used to describe a lock on a resource.
Public classTeamFoundationLockingService
Public classTeamFoundationMailService
Public classTeamFoundationMessageBusService
Public classTeamFoundationMetabase
Public classTeamFoundationModule
Public classTeamFoundationOAuthServiceA service that is used to register OAuth client applications and issue OAuth delegation tokens
Public classTeamFoundationOAuthServiceException
Public classTeamFoundationPerformanceCounterThis is a wrapper around the .NET Framework [CounterData].
Public classTeamFoundationPerformanceCountersWraps [CounterSetInstance].
Public classTeamFoundationPerformanceServiceIntended to supply centralized performance API's.Currently supported: Single instance performance counters.
Public classTeamFoundationProcessStillRunningExceptionException for when a TFS server process will not come to a full stop.
Public classTeamFoundationProfileService
Public classTeamFoundationProfileServiceException
Public classTeamFoundationPropertyServiceDefault implementation of the manager interface. Provides management of generic artifact properties service.
Public classTeamFoundationQuotaService
Public classTeamFoundationRegistryServiceThis service is used to read and write key/value pairs to a hierarchical registry.
Public classTeamFoundationRequestContextAll Requests in a Team Foundation application create a [TeamFoundationRequestContext] and the context is available from the application or one of the framework base classes.
Public classTeamFoundationRequestInformation
Public classTeamFoundationResourceManagementService
Public classTeamFoundationResourceManagementServiceException
Public classTeamFoundationSecurityNamespaceClass for managing and enforcing security for a set of AccessControlLists.
Public classTeamFoundationSecurityServiceAn interface for managing collections of security namespaces.
Public classTeamFoundationSecurityServiceExceptionBase class for all security service exceptions
Public classTeamFoundationServiceDependency
Public classTeamFoundationServiceExceptionBase class for all custom exceptions thrown from Team Foundation code.
Public classTeamFoundationServiceHost
Public classTeamFoundationServiceHostActivity
Public classTeamFoundationServiceHostInstanceRepresents the per-process state for a Team Foundation service host.
Public classTeamFoundationServiceHostProcess
Public classTeamFoundationServiceHostPropertiesThis is our internal TeamFoundationServiceHostProperties implementation used to drive the Deployment, Application, and Collection hosts.
Public classTeamFoundationServicingException
Public classTeamFoundationServicingService
Public classTeamFoundationSigningServiceA service that can sign and validate caller messages using keys held by the signing service but accessed by the caller through a surrogate identifier guid.
Public classTeamFoundationSqlNotificationService
Public classTeamFoundationSqlResourceComponent
Public classTeamFoundationStepPerformerBaseOptional base class for implementing IStepPerformer using registered delegates.
Public classTeamFoundationTableValueParameter<T>
Public classTeamFoundationTaggingService
Public classTeamFoundationTagProviderBase
Public classTeamFoundationTaskA task that can be added to the Task Service to run one time or on an interval basis on a pool of worker threads. When the task runs, the provided callback method is invoked.
Public classTeamFoundationTaskServiceA service for queuing tasks to run one time or with a schedule using a pool of worker threads. When a task is executed, the provided task callback method is invoked.
Public classTeamFoundationTraceReadingService
Public classTeamFoundationTracingService
Public classTeamFoundationTracingService.TraceProvider
Public classTeamFoundationUnusedDatabaseInfo
Public classTeamFoundationValidationExceptionThrown when validating user input. Similar to ArgumentException but does not require the property to be an input parameter.
Public classTeamProjectCollectionPropertiesContains the configuration information to configure a team project collection.
Public classTfsApiController
Public classTfsApiPropertyKeys
Public classTfsHostTypeConstraint
Public classTFSProvider
Public classTokenRename
Public classTokenRenameTable
Public classTokenTable
Public classTooManyItemsExceptionThrown when the user sends a request that attempts to return more items than are allowed by the securityNamespace-defined limit.
Public classTraceDefinitionTrace Definition is the base class for both TraceEvent and TraceFilter
Public classTraceFilterThis class describes a trace filter, that is a set of criteria on whether a trace event should be emitted
Public classTraceFilterAttribute
Public classTracePointRange
Public classTraceWatchUtility class that traces if we spend more time in a call than we expect
Public classUnauthenticatedIdentityProvider
Public classUnauthorizedRequestException
Public classUnexpectedDatabaseResultException
Public classUnexpectedHostTypeException
Public classUniqueInt32Table
Public classUnknownMigrationOwnerExceptionThrown by prc_MigrateFile when an unknown owner Id is set.
Public classUpdateGroupExceptionGroup does not exist for update, thrown by the data tier
Public classUpdatePackage
Public classUpdatePackageHistoryEntry
Public classUserPreferences
Public classVirtualPathMappingException
Public classVirtualPathsConflictException
Public classWebApiTrace
Public classWrappedException
Public classXmlPropertyWriter

Public structureLockManager.NamedLockFrameThe lock manager lock frame for named lock.
Public structureLockManager.ObjectLockFrameThe lock manager lock frame for object lock.
Public structureServiceVersionInfo
Public structureTeamFoundationExecutionEnvironmentProvides an information about an environment associated with a request context.
Public structureTraceEventThis class describes a trace event, that is the output of a given trace statement

Public interfaceIAnalysisConnectionValidator
Public interfaceIApplicationSettings
Public interfaceIBasicServicingStep
Public interfaceIBlobProvider
Public interfaceICacheableThis interface should be implemented by objects that will be cached by a streaming command. It allows the command to keep track of how much data it has cached.
Public interfaceICancelableThis interface must be implemented when an operation can be canceled.
Public interfaceICommandAll Server Commands implement ICommand, which enables them to be managed by the common server interfaces
Public interfaceIComponentCreatorComponent creator interface.
Public interfaceIContainerSecurityExtension
Public interfaceIDiagnosticMonitoring
Public interfaceIEnsureMachineExistsExtension
Public interfaceIIdentityProvider
Public interfaceIIdentitySyncHelperDefines a helper to identity sync agent. When syncing detailed member properties of a group, this helper will write the information in chunks to the database, so that large results do not have to be obtained in memory. The [SyncMembers] method of [IIdentityProvider] should: 1. Invoke the [ProcessIdentity] helper method for each member identity. This will write information to a temporary database table in chunks. 2. Set any counters. The caller will invoke [Submit] helper method at the end to commit this information.
Public interfaceIIdentitySynchronizer
Public interfaceILockNameLock name interface
Public interfaceIMessage
Public interfaceIMessageBusSubscriberJobExtensionReceiver
Public interfaceIMessageProvider
Public interfaceIPartitionServicingStep
Public interfaceIRecordableFor recording array parameters in method information composite parameters must implement this interface.
Public interfaceIRequestContextServicingStep
Public interfaceISecurityChangedEventHandler
Public interfaceISecurityNamespaceExtensionImplement this interface if you want to extend your security namespace. Note that a given security namespace can only have one extension.
Public interfaceIServicingExecutionHandlerProvider
Public interfaceIServicingLogEntryHandler
Public interfaceIServicingOperationExecutionHandler
Public interfaceIServicingOperationProvider
Public interfaceIServicingOperationProviderExtension
Public interfaceIServicingResourceProvider
Public interfaceIServicingStep
Public interfaceIServicingStepDetailLogger
Public interfaceIServicingStepGroupExecutionHandler
Public interfaceIServicingStepGroupProvider
Public interfaceIStepPerformerProvides the implementation of a Team Foundation Servicing Step.
Public interfaceIStepPerformerProvider
Public interfaceISubscriberSubscribers must implement this interface. This interface provides the eventing manager with: - A method to deliver a published event to a subscriber - A property that contains the friendly name and priority of the subscriber - The set of eventTypes the subscriber wants to be notified on.
Public interfaceISubscriptionPersistenceThe ISubscriptionPersistence interface is called when subscriptions are written or read from the database. Implementers of this interface can modify the subscriptions before they are saved and again before they are returned to any callers when read from the subscription tables.
Public interfaceITagProvider
Public interfaceITagProviderFactory
Public interfaceITagSecurityProvider
Public interfaceITagStorageProvider
Public interfaceITeamFoundationFeatureAvailabilityService
Public interfaceITeamFoundationHostCreationValidatorThis interface must be implemented by objects that can evaluate host creation valid state
Public interfaceITeamFoundationHostStateValidatorThis interface must be implemented by objects that can evaluate host-ready state.
Public interfaceITeamFoundationIdentityService
Public interfaceITeamFoundationJobExtension
Public interfaceITeamFoundationQuotaStorage
Public interfaceITeamFoundationQuotaValueProvider
Public interfaceITeamFoundationRegistryService
Public interfaceITeamFoundationReplicaAwareService
Public interfaceITeamFoundationRequestFilterAn ITeamFoundationRequestFilter is used to receive notification of requests before they are processed and after they are completed.
Public interfaceITeamFoundationSecurityService
Public interfaceITeamFoundationServiceThe ITeamFoundationService is designed to be implemented by third-party services. Service Management is about notification of startup and shutdown.
Public interfaceITraceDataProvider

Public delegateContinueExecutionCompletedCallbackOPTIONAL delegate to notify eventual caller that continue execution ended and there is no more data to be queued.
Public delegateCreateProjectServicingProviderDelegate
Public delegateErrorFormatterDelegateA delegate used for subscribers of OnFormatError event.
Public delegateOnPreferredEmailAddressChangedDelegate
Public delegatePermissionEvaluationCallbackA function provided by the user of the [TeamFoundationSecurityNamespace]. It will be called every time that a permission decision is being made.
Public delegateRegistrySettingsChangedCallbackDelegate for the RegistrySettingsChanged callback. Notifies a subscriber that the given registry entries were changed
Public delegateServiceFactory<T>
Public delegateSqlExceptionHandler
Public delegateSqlNotificationCallbackUsed as a delegate for notifying callers that have signed up for notifications by means of the [TeamFoundationSqlNotificationService].
Public delegateTeamFoundationTaskCallbackTeamFoundationTaskCallback is used as the delegate to call into the consumer's provided worker method which is invoked when the task is executed.

Public enumerationAccessIntent
Public enumerationActivityLogColumns
Public enumerationAllowedHandler
Public enumerationApplicationGroupSpecialType
Public enumerationArtifactKindFlags
Public enumerationBindStringBehaviorFor use with the BindString method. Determines how null and empty strings will be handled when you are using BindString.
Public enumerationClientPropertySerialization
Public enumerationClientVisibility
Public enumerationCompressionTypePossible values for the Compression Type column of [tbl_ServicingFile].
Public enumerationComputePendingDeltasResultPossible values for the Delta Processing results
Public enumerationContainerItemStatus
Public enumerationContainerItemType
Public enumerationContainerOptions
Public enumerationContentTypePossible values for the ContentType column of tbl_File
Public enumerationDatabaseCompatibilityLevel
Public enumerationDatabasePartitionState
Public enumerationDatabaseRecoveryModel
Public enumerationDatabaseSnapshotIsolationState
Public enumerationDatabaseState
Public enumerationDatabaseUserAccess
Public enumerationDeliveryScheduleAvailable delivery schedules.
Public enumerationDeliveryType
Public enumerationDeploymentTypeDefines constants for deployment types. These include Unknown, OnPremises, DevFabric, and Cloud.
Public enumerationDropDatabaseOptions
Public enumerationEstimatedMethodCostThese EstimatedMethodCosts can be used to estimate the cost in units of work that a given method will require.
Public enumerationEventNotificationStatusThe possible return values from the notification of a subscriber.
Public enumerationFeatureAvailabilityScope
Public enumerationIdentitySearchType
Public enumerationIdentityType
Public enumerationLicensing.PIDActionList of return codes used by DDConfig. values are from vscommon\inc\DDConfig.h
Public enumerationLicensing.PIDFamily
Public enumerationLicensing.PIDOption
Public enumerationLicensing.PIDRangeList of values returned from GetEdition. Indicates if the installed product key is for a beta, trial, retail, or volume licensed product values are from public\internal\env\inc\DDConfig.h
Public enumerationLicensing.PIDTime
Public enumerationLicensing.VSSKUSuite
Public enumerationLockManager.LockLevelThe lock level of the lock type. Note that this effectively declares the order in which locks can be taken.
Public enumerationLockManager.LockTypeThe lock types (aka the complete lock hierarchy). Order of appearance in this list is meaningless, as every value must be declared according to its LockKind and LockLevel.
Public enumerationLockMode
Public enumerationMethodTypeAs web methods are executing, they will record the method type, which allows the logging system to filter the set of methods to the desired type.
Public enumerationNotificationTypeThe publisher determines the reason for the notification and specifies one of the following values: - DecisionPoint – Notification.
Public enumerationOAuthHostType
Public enumerationOAuthTokenType
Public enumerationOwnerId
Public enumerationPropertyTypeMatch
Public enumerationQueryExecutionStateEnum used to represent what state the query execution is currently in
Public enumerationQuotaValueScope
Public enumerationRegistrationChangeType
Public enumerationRemoteStoreId
Public enumerationRequestContextType
Public enumerationRequiredAuthentication
Public enumerationSecurityChangeType
Public enumerationServerConfiguration
Public enumerationServiceHostFilterFlagsUsed to define the set of information that is required when you call [QueryServiceHostProperties].
Public enumerationServicingAction
Public enumerationServicingFlagsThis is the set of options that can be supplied with a servicing job to validate the state of the system before the job is executed.
Public enumerationServicingJobInfoColumn
Public enumerationServicingJobResult
Public enumerationServicingJobStatusDefines what state the servicing operation is currently in.
Public enumerationServicingLogEntryType
Public enumerationServicingLogLevel
Public enumerationServicingOperationTarget
Public enumerationServicingOperationType
Public enumerationServicingStepDetailFilterOptionsServicingStepDetailFilterOptions are used when the program calls GetServicingDetails. It controls how the queue time is interpreted.
Public enumerationServicingStepGroupExecutionDecision
Public enumerationSortOrder
Public enumerationSplitFactor
Public enumerationSplitMethod
Public enumerationSqlAzureResourceType
Public enumerationSqlAzureSessionResource
Public enumerationSqlAzureThrottlingMode
Public enumerationSqlResourceComponentFeatures
Public enumerationSubscriberPrioritySubscriber priorities determine subscriber notification order. Subscribers with the same priority are notified in subscription order. The priorities must be in ascending priority order.
Public enumerationTeamFoundationConfigurationStatus
Public enumerationTeamFoundationDatabaseFlags
Public enumerationTeamFoundationDatabaseLoggingOptions
Public enumerationTeamFoundationDatabaseStatusThe status of a Team Foundation Server database.
Public enumerationTeamFoundationDatabaseTypeThe type of the database
Public enumerationTeamFoundationHostType
Public enumerationTeamFoundationJobExecutionResultThe result of executing a job extension.
Public enumerationTeamFoundationLockModeThis is the set of lock modes that can be acquired when you call [AcquireLock] on the [TeamFoundationLockingService].
Protected enumerationTeamFoundationSqlResourceComponent.ExecuteTypeUsed to indicate which SqlCommand.ExecuteXXX() call to make
Public enumerationTokenType
Public enumerationUnusedDatabaseReasonNotUsed
Public enumerationUpdatePackageOptions
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