Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Common Namespace

Public classArtifactKindsDefines the GUID of the property family or kind from the framework.
Public classAvailableFeatures
Public classCatalogPermissions
Public classCatalogResourceTypes
Public classCollectionDictionary<TKey, TElement>
Public classCollectionManagementPermissionsThe permissions that can be set and checked for in the location service.
Public classConcurrentCollectionDictionary<TKey, TElement>
Public classConfigFileExceptionThrown when a .config file does not load.
Public classDiagnosticPermissions
Public classEventSubscriptionPermissions
Public classFrameworkPermissions
Public classFrameworkSecurity
Public classIdentityPermissions
Public classJobPermissions
Public classLocationServiceConstants
Public classMessageQueuePermissionsRepresents permissions that can be manipulated for a message queue.
Public classOperationNotSupportedExceptionThrown when a user tries to call a service that does not exist on the server they are talking to.
Public classProcessTemplatePermissions
Public classProjectSettingsCatalogHelper
Public classPropertyTypeNotSupportedExceptionPropertyTypeNotSupportedException - this is thrown when a type is DBNull or an Object type other than an Byte array.
Public classRegistryServicePermissionsThe permissions that can be set and checked for in the registry.
Public classSidIdentityHelperHelper methods for SID-based descriptors, like Windows and TFS.
Public classStrongBoxPermissions
Public classTeamFoundationPropertyValidationExceptionThrown when validating user input. Similar to ArgumentException but does not require the property to be an input parameter.

Public interfaceICollectionDictionary<TKey, TElement>
Public interfaceIProxyRegistrationThis interface will return the collection ID associated with the passed in URL. If no collection is found, this should return null.

Public enumerationCatalogChangeTypeEnumerates the type of changes that can be made on an object that is in the catalog.
Public enumerationCatalogQueryOptions
Public enumerationCatalogTreeStatic class that holds all of the well-known roots of the catalog.
Public enumerationConnectOptionsSpecifies whether to retrieve the location of services when connecting to Team Foundation Server.
Public enumerationGetPropertiesOptionsOptions for the [GetProperties] method.
Public enumerationGroupProperty
Public enumerationGroupSpecialType
Public enumerationIdentityPropertyScopeThe scope which a property will be scoped to.
Public enumerationIdentitySearchFactor
Public enumerationJobPriorityClass
Public enumerationJobPriorityLevel
Public enumerationMembershipQuery
Public enumerationReadIdentityOptions
Public enumerationRegistryChangeType
Public enumerationRelativeToSettingIndicates what a given [ServiceDefinition] is relative to.
Public enumerationSecurityNamespaceStructureRepresents the type of organization that a given security namespace uses when storing its tokens.
Public enumerationServicingStepLogEntryKind
Public enumerationServicingStepState
Public enumerationTeamFoundationJobEnabledStateThe enabled state of the job.
Public enumerationTeamFoundationJobQueuedReasonsFlags related to job queue entries and job history entries.
Public enumerationTeamFoundationJobResultThe result of running an instance of a job definition.
Public enumerationTeamFoundationJobState
Public enumerationTeamFoundationServiceHostStatus
Public enumerationTeamFoundationSupportedFeaturesEnum which has the features supported by either the client or server
Public enumerationTfsMessageQueueVersionThe API version of the message queue service.