This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Client Namespace

Public classAccessCheckExceptionException that is thrown for an access check error.
Public classAccessControlEntry
Public classAccessControlList
Public classAccessMapping
Public classAccessMappingNotRegisteredExceptionThrown when an access mapping is not registered.
Public classAceExtendedInformationHolds the inherited and effective permission information for a given AccessControlEntry.
Public classActionDefinitionDefinition for an action.
Public classActionDeniedBySubscriberExceptionException for an action that was denied by the subscriber.
Public classAddGroupMemberIllegalMemberExceptionThrown when an illegal member is added to a group.
Public classAddGroupMemberOverLicenseLimitExceptionThrown when the number of members in a group exceeds license limitations.
Public classAddMemberCyclicMembershipExceptionThrown when adding a member to a group to which it already has cyclic membership.
Public classAddMemberEveryoneExceptionThrown when attempting to add the Everyone member to a group.
Public classAddMemberGroupMissingExceptionThrown when attempting to add a member to a missing group.
Public classAddMemberIdentityAlreadyMemberExceptionThrown when adding a member to a group of which it is already a member.
Public classAddMemberIdentityMissingExceptionThrown when attempting to add a member that has a missing identity.
Public classAddMemberNoGroupExceptionThrown when adding a member without a group specified.
Public classAddProjectGroupProjectMismatchExceptionThrown for a mismatch when adding a project group.
Public classAddProjectGroupToGlobalGroupExceptionThrown when attempting to add a project group to a global group.
Public classAnalysisServiceConnectionExceptionThrown when an error occurs with the analysis service connection.
Public classArtifactKindAlreadyExistsExceptionThrown when an artifact kind already exists.
Public classArtifactKindRestrictedExceptionThrown when the artifact kind is restricted.
Public classArtifactKindsMustBeUniformExceptionThrown when artifact kinds must be uniform.
Public classArtifactPropertyValueRepresents a property-value pair that has a user-defined name (moniker). The moniker can be optionally versioned by using a version number.
Public classArtifactSpecRepresents a Team Foundation property user-defined name (moniker) specification.
Public classAttachCollectionExceptionThrown when an error occurs when attempting to attach a collection.
Public classBadChecksumExceptionThrown when a bad checksum is encountered.
Public classCannotAccessIdentitiesAfterDetachExceptionThrown when you cannot map collection identities after a Detach before an Attach.
Public classCannotUpdateDefaultCollectionExceptionThrown when you cannot update the default collection.
Public classCatalogChangeContext
Public classCatalogChangeResult
Public classCatalogDependencyGroup
Public classCatalogNode
Public classCatalogNodeDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when a catalog node does not exist.
Public classCatalogResource
Public classCatalogResourceDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when a catalog resource does not exist.
Public classCatalogResourceTypeDescribes the type of a catalog resource.
Public classCatalogResourceTypeDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when a catalog resource type does not exist.
Public classCollectionDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when a collection does not exist.
Public classCollectionMisconfiguredExceptionThrown when a collection is misconfigured.
Public classCollectionPropertyExceptionThrown because an error occurs in a collection property.
Public classCollectionServicingExceptionThrown when collection servicing encounters an error.
Public classCollectionServicingJobDidNotSucceedExceptionThrown when a collection servicing job did not succeed.
Public classDatabaseCategoryNotRegisteredExceptionThrown when a database category is not registered.
Public classDatabaseConfigurationExceptionThrown for an error in database configuration.
Public classDatabaseConnectionExceptionThrown because an error occurs in the database connection.
Public classDatabaseFullExceptionThrown when the database is full.
Public classDatabaseInstanceExceptionThrown for an error that occurs with a database instance.
Public classDatabaseOperationCanceledExceptionThrown when a database operation is canceled.
Public classDatabaseOperationTimeoutExceptionThrown when a database operation times out.
Public classDatabaseRuntimeExceptionThrown for a database runtime error.
Public classDatabaseSchemaExceptionThrown for an error that occurs with a database schema.
Public classDateTimeShiftDetectedExceptionThrown when a shift is detected in DateTime objects.
Public classDBResultDeadlockExceptionThrown when the database result is in deadlock.
Public classDeliveryPreferenceDescribes an event delivery preference.
Public classDuplicateJobIdExceptionThrown when a duplicate job ID is encountered.
Public classDuplicateJobScheduleExceptionThrown when a duplicate job is scheduled.
Public classDuplicateLocationMappingExceptionThrown for a duplicate location mapping.
Public classEventExceptionThrown for an error in event handling.
Public classExecutingUnassignedJobExceptionThrown when an unassigned job is executed.
Public classFileIdNotFoundExceptionThrown when a file ID is not found.
Public classFindGroupNameDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when a group name does not exist.
Public classFindGroupSidDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when a security identifier for a group does not exist.
Public classGroupCreationExceptionThrown for an error during group creation.
Public classGroupRenameExceptionThrown when an error occurs during a group rename.
Public classGroupScopeCreationExceptionThrown when an error occurs during group scope creation.
Public classGroupScopeDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when the group scope does not exist.
Public classGroupWellKnownDescriptorsContains string constants for well-known group descriptors.
Public classHostAlreadyExistsExceptionThrown when the host already exists.
Public classHostCannotBeDeletedExceptionThrown when the host cannot be deleted.
Public classHostDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when a host does not exist.
Public classHostInstanceDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when the host instance does not exist.
Public classHostManagementExceptionThrown for an error that occurs with host management.
Public classHostMustBeTopLevelExceptionThrown when the host must be top level.
Public classHostShutdownExceptionThrown for an error that occurs because the host is shutting down.
Public classHostStatusChangeExceptionThrown because of an error that occurs when the host status changes.
Public classIdentityDescriptorWrapper for an identity type and a unique identifier.
Public classIdentityDescriptorComparerCompares IdentityDescriptor objects.
Public classIdentityDomainDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when an identity domain does not exist.
Public classIdentityDomainMismatchExceptionThrown when a mismatch occurs with the identity domain.
Public classIdentityHelperHelper class to manage Team Foundation identity descriptors.
Public classIdentityNotFoundExceptionThrown when an identity is not found.
Public classIdentityProviderUnavailableExceptionThrown when an identity provider is unavailable.
Public classIdentitySyncExceptionThrown when an error occurs in identity synchronizing.
Public classIllegalDeleteSelfReferenceServiceDefinitionExceptionThrown when attempting to delete a self-referencing service.
Public classIllegalIdentityExceptionThrown for an illegal identity.
Public classIncompatibleCompressionFormatExceptionThrown for an incompatible compression format.
Public classIncompleteUploadExceptionThrown because of an incomplete upload.
Public classIncorrectSizeExceptionThrown when a thread of execution discovers an incorrectly sized object.
Public classInvalidAccessPointExceptionThrown because of an invalid access point.
Public classInvalidCatalogDeleteNodeExceptionThrown when the thread of execution encounters an invalid catalog during a DeleteNode method call.
Public classInvalidCatalogNodeMoveExceptionThrown because of an invalid catalog during a NodeMove method call.
Public classInvalidCatalogNodePathExceptionThrown because of an invalid catalog node path.
Public classInvalidCatalogSaveNodeExceptionThrown because of an invalid catalog save node.
Public classInvalidCatalogSaveResourceExceptionThrown because of an invalid catalog save resource.
Public classInvalidRegistryExceptionThrown because of an invalid registry.
Public classInvalidRequestContextHostExceptionThrown for an invalid request context host.
Public classInvalidSecurityNamespaceDescriptionExceptionThrown because an invalid security namespace description occurs.
Public classInvalidSecurityNamespaceExceptionThrown for an invalid security namespace.
Public classInvalidSecurityTokenExceptionThrown because of an invalid security token.
Public classInvalidServiceDefinitionExceptionThrown for an invalid service definition.
Public classInvalidServicingStepTypeExceptionThrown for an invalid servicing step type.
Public classJobCannotBePausedExceptionThrown when a job cannot be paused.
Public classJobCannotBeResumedExceptionThrown when a job cannot be resumed.
Public classJobCannotBeStoppedExceptionThrown when a job cannot be stopped.
Public classJobDidntPauseExceptionThrown when a job did not pause.
Public classJobIntervalNotSupportedExceptionThrown when a job interval is not supported.
Public classKeyValueOfStringStringRepresents the key-value of a string.
Public classLocationMapping
Public classLocationMappingDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when a location mapping does not exist.
Public classLocationServerMapCache
Public classModifyEveryoneGroupExceptionThrown when a thread of execution attempts to modify the everyone group.
Public classNotApplicationGroupExceptionThrown when a thread of execution attempts an action without application group privileges.
Public classNotASecurityGroupExceptionThrown when a thread of execution attempts an action without security group privileges.
Public classParseExceptionThrown because of an error in parsing.
Public classProjectNotFoundExceptionThrown when the thread of execution fails to look up a project.
Public classPropertyServiceExceptionThrown when an error occurs in the property service.
Public classPropertyValueRepresents a property and its value.
Public classRegistryAuditEntryRepresents a registry audit entry.
Public classRegistryEntry
Public classRegistryEntryCollection
Public classRegistryPathExceptionThrown for a registry path that is not valid.
Public classRegistryPathPatternExceptionThrown when an error occurs in the registry path pattern.
Public classRemoveAccessMappingExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove an access mapping.
Public classRemoveGroupMemberExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a group member.
Public classRemoveGroupMemberNotMemberExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a group member that is not a member.
Public classRemoveLastAdminGroupMemberExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove the last member of the administrator group.
Public classRemoveLastLicensedAdminExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove the last licensed administrator.
Public classRemoveMemberGroupMissingExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a member from a missing group.
Public classRemoveMemberIdentityMissingExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a member by using a missing identity.
Public classRemoveMemberServiceAccountExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a member that is a service account.
Public classRemoveNonexistentGroupExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a nonexistent group.
Public classRemoveSpecialGroupExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to remove a special group.
Public classRequestCanceledExceptionThrown when a request is cancelled.
Public classRequestFilterExceptionThrown when an error occurs with a request filter.
Public classResourceStreamNotFoundExceptionThrown when a resource stream is not found.
Public classSecurityNamespaceClass to manage and enforce security for a set of AccessControlList objects.
Public classSecurityNamespaceAlreadyExistsExceptionThrown when the thread of execution attempts to create a security namespace when it already exists.
Public classSecurityNamespaceDescriptionRepresents a description for a SecurityNamespace.
Public classServiceDefinition
Public classServiceDefinitionDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when a service definition does not exist.
Public classServicingDisabledExceptionThrown when servicing is disabled.
Public classServicingExecutionHandlerDataRepresents data for a servicing execution handler.
Public classServicingJobDetail
Public classServicingOperationRepresents a servicing operation.
Public classServicingOperationAlreadyExistsExceptionThrown when a servicing operation already exists.
Public classServicingOperationNotFoundExceptionThrown when a servicing operation was not found.
Public classServicingStep
Public classServicingStepDetailDescribes a servicing step detail.
Public classServicingStepGroup
Public classServicingStepGroupAlreadyExistsExceptionThrown when a servicing step group already exists.
Public classServicingStepGroupDependencyExceptionThrown when a dependency exists on another servicing step group.
Public classServicingStepGroupInUseExceptionThrown when a servicing step group is being used.
Public classServicingStepGroupNotFoundExceptionThrown when a servicing step group is not found.
Public classServicingStepLogEntryRepresents a log entry that is made by a servicing step.
Public classServicingStepStateChangeRepresents a change to a servicing step state.
Public classSidDescriptorRepresents a security ID descriptor.
Public classStepPerformerNotFoundExceptionThrown when a step performer is not found.
Public classSubscriptionDescribes an event subscription.
Public classTeamFoundationCatalogServiceExceptionThrown when an error occurs with the Team Foundation Server catalog service.
Public classTeamFoundationIdentity
Public classTeamFoundationIdentityServiceExceptionThrown because an exception occurs in the identity service for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public classTeamFoundationJobDefinition
Public classTeamFoundationJobHistoryEntryRepresents a job history entry on Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public classTeamFoundationJobScheduleRepresents a job schedule on Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public classTeamFoundationJobServiceRepresents a job service in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public classTeamFoundationJobServiceExceptionThrown when an error occurs with the Team Foundation Server job service.
Public classTeamFoundationLocationServiceExceptionThrown when an error occurs with the location service of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public classTeamFoundationLockExceptionThrown for an error that occurs with a Team Foundation Server lock.
Public classTeamFoundationRequestInformationRepresents additional information about a Team Foundation request.
Public classTeamFoundationSecurityServiceExceptionThrown for an error that occurs with the Team Foundation Server security service.
Public classTeamFoundationServiceExceptionThrown when an error occurs with any service of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public classTeamFoundationServiceHostActivityRepresents a Team Foundation Server service host activity.
Public classTeamFoundationValidationExceptionThrown when an error occurs with a validation operation in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Public classTeamProjectCollection
Public classTooManyItemsExceptionThrown when too many items are present.
Public classUnexpectedDatabaseResultExceptionThrown because of an unexpected database result.
Public classUpdateGroupExceptionThrown when an error occurs during an update operation on a group.
Public classVirtualPathMappingExceptionThrown when an error occurs with a virtual path mapping.
Public classVirtualPathsConflictExceptionThrown for an error that is caused by conflicting virtual paths.

Public enumerationDeliveryScheduleDescribes the delivery schedule.
Public enumerationDeliveryTypeDescribes the delivery type.
Public enumerationServiceHostFilterFlagsDescribes the filters to apply when you call ITeamProjectCollectionService.GetCollections.
Public enumerationServicingJobResultDescribes the result of a servicing job.
Public enumerationServicingJobStatusDescribes the status of a servicing job.
Public enumerationServicingStepDetailFilterOptionsDescribes the filters to apply when you call GetServicingDetails.