This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Discussion.Client Namespace

Public classCommentA comment is a part of a discussion. When a discussion is initiated, it should have a root comment by the initiator, and other comments by the contributors.
Public classCommentIdRepresents the unique identifier of a comment in a team project collection.
Public classDiscussionExceptionBase class for all exceptions thrown by the Tfs Discussion API.
Public classDiscussionPositionPosition of the discussion in a file.
Public classDiscussionPublishException
Public classDiscussionSaveException
Public classDiscussionThreadA discussion is a comment thread associated with a block of code, a file or a code review.
Public classTeamFoundationDiscussionServiceThe entry point of Team Foundation Discussion Service.

Public interfaceIDiscussionManagerManages publishing and querying the discussions against Team Foundation Server.

Public enumerationCommentTypeThe type of a comment.
Public enumerationDiscussionSeverityThe severity of a discussion.
Public enumerationDiscussionStatusThe status of a discussion.
Public enumerationQueryStoreOptionsThe option to query for discussions.
Public enumerationReadStatusThe read status of a discussion.