This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Controls.WPF Namespace

Visual Studio 2012

Public classAutoColumnListViewAutoColumnListView
Public classAutoColumnListViewColumnDescribes a column definition for an AutoColumnListView
Public classAutoColumnListViewHyperlinkEncapsulate information about a hyperlink
Public classAutoColumnListViewItemProvides a base class for a data-bound item in an AutoColumnListView
Public classAutoComplete
Public classAutoCompleteState
Public classBasePage
Public classBulletItemBulletItem
Public classBusySpinnerBusySpinner
Public classButtonClickedEventArgs
Public classButtonStateEventArgs
Public classChecklistListViewCustomized list view to show a checklist
Public classChecklistListView.ChecklistItemEncapsulates a single checklist item for data binding
Public classCommandItemThis is for internal use only. Class to represent a command item without a dependency on WPF or other UI framework, so that view models can use this to populate command item data and the UI can be responsible for how is render using a DataTemplate.
Public classCommonPageCompleteCommonPageComplete
Public classCommonPageProgressCommonPageProgress
Public classCommonPageSummaryCommonPageSummary
Public classCommonPageValidationCommonPageValidation
Public classContextHelpProvider
Public classContextMenuAdapter
Public classDialogMessageBoxDialogMessageBox
Public classDragDropCommandConverterAllows a command to be hooked up to one of the DragDrop attached commands (DragSourceMoveCommand, DropTargetMoveCommand) that expects the contents of DragDropParameters.DraggedObjects to be passed as an argument rather that a DragDropParameters object itself.
Public classDraggableListBox
Public classDraggableListBoxItem
Public classDraggableListView
Public classDraggableListViewItem
Public classDraggedAdorner
Public classFilteredTextBoxProvides the following functionality:- A validation delegate (ValidationCallback), which, if supplied, will be called whenever the Text value changes. If the delegate returns false, a red border is displayed. - A CharacterFilter property that takes a regular expression and filters out characters that do not match the regular expression.
Public classFilteredTextValidationsClass that collects common callbacks.
Public classFocusManagerExtensions
Public classFocusServicesProvides static attached properties that can be set on WPF controls to customize their behavior.
Public classHelpLinkImplements a hyperlink that can be associated with either an external help item (e.g. fwlink), or a contextual help keyword.
Public classHyperlinkHelperthis is a class primarily used to work around a bug in WPF 3.0 where, if you have a custom command on a Hyperlink and you try to use ApplicationCommands.Copy the link, you get a crash because it tries to serialize the custom command and it is not allowed in the source. the workaround is to just use this class to define the command instead of the Hyperlink.Command and everything else stays the same.
Public classIndentWidthToMarginConverter
Public classItemsControlExtensions
Public classLabeledTextBoxLabeledTextBox
Public classLeftRightPlacementToolTipA tooltip providing custom placement heuristic of aligning to left, then right, and finally mouse position. This is motivated by scenario of user using placement targets which occupy full extent of monitor.
Public classMaxLengthsDefines maximum lengths that can be bound to WPF TextBoxes for limiting data input.
Public classMultiSelectionHelperSelection helper attached property class. This class provides attached properties for "binding" a WPF Selector control with an IList in a view model. Changes made to the selection in the control will be mirrored in an IList provided by the view model. If the view model's IList is an ObservableCollection, then this class will hook CollectionChanged and mirror the changes back into the view. The view model can also replace its complete collection at the same time (for efficiency) and the view's selection will be updated to match. If the target control is a UserControl that is not directly a Selector but contains a child that is a Selector, the SelectorSource attached property can be used from code-behind .cs file to specify the child. An example of a control such as this is WorkItemsList.
Public classNavigatedEventArgs
Public classNavigatingEventArgs
Public classNavigationButtonControlNavigationButtonControl
Public classNavigationEventArgs
Public classNavigationHeadlineControlNavigationHeadlineControl
Public classNavigationNode
Public classNavigationPageHostNavigationPageHost
Public classNavigationPropertyChangedEventArgs
Public classNavigationTreeControlNavigationTreeControl
Public classNavigationTreeItemEncapsulate an item in the navigation selector tree
Public classPageEventArgs
Public classPageNavigatorPageNavigator
Public classScrollViewHelperScrollView helper attached property class. This class provides an attached property that allows for ItemsControls to scroll correctly via PageUp/PageDown requests when they are hosted in a TeamExplorer page. Prior/Next keyboard events are intercepted and re-routed to the parent ScrollViewer. After the scroll position has changed the ItemsControl's focus element is updated to the first visible element.
Public classSelectionChangingEventArgs
Public classSelectionDoubleClickedEventArgs
Public classStatusReportingListViewCustomized list view to show errors, warnings, and success messages
Public classStatusReportingListView.ReportingItemEncapsulates a single reporting item for data binding
Public classStepProgressListViewCustomized list view to show a step-progress list
Public classStepProgressListView.StepProgressItemEncapsulates a single progress item for data binding
Public classSummarySectionEncapsulate a section in the summary
Public classSummarySectionItemEncapsulate an item in a summary section
Public classTeamFoundationColorsColors used by Team Foundation components. The colors are auto-generated into this partial class via the
Public classTeamFoundationFonts
Public classTextBulletTextBullet
Public classTreeViewExtensions
Public classTreeViewItemExtensions
Public classWatermarkA helper class that contains attached properties to support watermarks for TextBox and ComboBox controls: HintText: an attached property that shows what is the hint text for the control ImageSource: an attached property that points to the image source for the image to show inside the control or Image: an attached property that points to the image to show inside the control
Public classWatermarkAdorner
Public classWatermarkState
Public classWpfDialogAssistantThis class styles a WPF window according to the Visual Studio standards. Create this class in the constructor of the class and keep a reference to it until after the window is closed.

Public enumerationAutoColumnListViewColumnContentTypeContent type for a column in an AutoColumnListView
Public enumerationAutoColumnListViewColumnSizingModeSizing mode for a column in an AutoColumnListView
Public enumerationButtonType
Public enumerationStatusReportingListView.ReportItemStatusReport item status
Public enumerationStepProgressListView.ProgressStateProgress item states