This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Common Namespace

Public classBaseAsyncResult
Public classBaseHierarchyNode
Public classBaseHierarchyNode.RefreshAsyncResultTracks an asynchronous refresh of a node and everything below it, including nested hierarchies.
Public classBaseNodePropertiesA base class that represents the properties of a node that can be displayed in a Visual Studio properties window.
Public classBaseUIHierarchy
Public classBaseUIHierarchy.HierarchyDataObjectRepresents clipboard data.
Public classBasicAsyncPlugin
Public classBasicHelper
Public classBasicPluginThe base class to represent a plugin in Team Foundation Server.
Public classCursorSwitcherWhen this class is instantiated, it changes the mouse cursor to that specified constructor. When the instance is disposed, it changes the mouse cursor back.
Public classDuplicateExtensionNameException
Public classELeadException Obsolete. Thrown as a general exception in the ELead service.
Public classExceptionFormatterClass for formatting an exception for display.
Public classExceptionPropertyCollectionRepresents a collection of properties associated with an exception.
Public classNodeIconsRepresents the 16x16 pixel, 32-bit color image strips used to represent nodes in the hierarchy.
Public classPluginHostPackage
Public classProcessGuidance
Public classRootNode
Public classSharedCommands
Public classSoapExceptionUtilities
Public classTFConstants
Public classTswaHyperlinkBuilder
Public classUserContextAttribute
Public classVsConstants

Public structureSelectionPair

Public interfaceINetFwAuthorizedApplicationInterface that provides access to the properties of an application that has been authorized to open ports in the firewall.
Public interfaceINetFwAuthorizedApplicationsInterface that provides access to a collection of applications authorized to open ports in the firewall.
Public interfaceINetFwIcmpSettingsInterface that provides access to the settings controlling Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets.
Public interfaceINetFwMgrInterface that allows access to the firewall settings for the computer.
Public interfaceINetFwOpenPortInterface that provides access to the properties of a port that has been opened in the firewall.
Public interfaceINetFwOpenPortsInterface for a collection of open firewall ports.
Public interfaceINetFwPolicyInterface that provides access to a firewall policy.
Public interfaceINetFwProfileInterface that provides access to the firewall settings profile.
Public interfaceINetFwRemoteAdminSettingsInterface that provides access to the settings that control remote administration.
Public interfaceINetFwServiceInterface that provides access to the properties of a service that may be authorized to listen through the firewall.
Public interfaceINetFwServicesInterface that provides access to the collection of services that may be authorized to listen through a firewall.
Public interfaceIProcessGuidanceInterface that allows the process guidance tool to be instantiated.
Public interfaceITeamExplorerPluginInterface that provides access to properties and methods necessary for a Team Explorer plugin.
Public interfaceITeamExplorerPluginFilterInterface that a Team Explorer plugin can implement to filter nodes not supported by a project.
Public interfaceIVsTeamExplorerInterface that provides access to methods and properties necessary to interact with Team Explorer.

Public enumerationBaseUIHierarchy.HierarchyStateAn enum describing the state of the hierarchy.
Public enumerationNET_FW_IP_PROTOCOL_Contains values that specify the internet protocol of the firewall.
Public enumerationNET_FW_IP_VERSION_Contains values that specify the internet protocol version to use.
Public enumerationNET_FW_PROFILE_TYPE_Contains values that specify the firewall profile type.
Public enumerationNET_FW_SCOPE_Specifies the scope of addresses from which a port can listen.
Public enumerationNET_FW_SERVICE_TYPE_Specifies the type of service allocated to a firewalled port.
Public enumerationOFNEnumeration that contains flags that specify the operation mode for GetOpenFileName methods.
Public enumerationSharedCommands.CommandIDs
Public enumerationTeamExplorerConnectionState
Public enumerationTeamExplorerNodePriority