This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WorkflowHelpers Class

Contains static methods to help in validating and processing workflow operations.


Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow.dll)

public static class WorkflowHelpers

The WorkflowHelpers type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberCombineMetadataGets a ProcessParameterMetadataCollection that contains the specified baseMetadata parameters combined with the overriding overridingMetadata parameters. Values from overridingMetadata are kept if there is a conflict between the two data.
Public methodStatic memberDeserializeProcessParameters(String)Creates and returns an Activity object by deserializing the data in the specified XAML string.
Public methodStatic memberDeserializeProcessParameters(String, IList<ProcessParameterError>)Deserializes the parameter values from a XAML serialized dictionary. Parameters of unknown types and non-existent members are ignored when you load the dictionary and specific errors are populated into the errors collection.
Public methodStatic memberDeserializeWorkflow(String)Gets the Activity object described by the specified XAML markup.
Public methodStatic memberDeserializeWorkflow(String, Boolean, List<ProcessParameterError>)This method is still used by build computer (returning assembly mismatches instead of throwing an exception at first error)
Public methodStatic memberFindResourceGets a localized string that describes the resource at the specified ID.
Public methodStatic memberGetAssemblyMetadataCollection
Public methodStatic memberGetCombinedMetadataGets the metadata associated with the process parameters defined in the specified Activity.
Public methodStatic memberGetDefaultMetadataGets a collection of metadata that supports the built-in process templates (default and upgrade).
Public methodStatic memberGetMetadataGets the value of the metadata property of the specified activity.
Public methodStatic memberGetProcessParametersGets the process parameter information from the specified activity and returns it as a dictionary.
Public methodStatic memberGetProcessParametersAndMetadata(IProcessTemplate, ProcessParameterMetadataCollection)Gets the process parameters and metadata from the specified process.
Public methodStatic memberGetProcessParametersAndMetadata(IProcessTemplate, ProcessParameterMetadataCollection, List<ProcessParameterError>)Returns the root Activity from the process template. If the root is a DynamicActivity then the Properties collection is included.
Public methodStatic memberGetProcessParametersAndMetadata(IProcessTemplate, ProcessParameterMetadataCollection, List<ProcessParameterError>, List<ProcessParameterError>)Returns the root Activity from the process template. If the root is a DynamicActivity then the Properties collection is included. Also returns all the parsing errors.
Public methodStatic memberGetProcessParameterValue<T>Gets the value of the specified process parameter. If the process parameter does not exist the default value is returned.
Public methodStatic memberGetValueAsString
Public methodStatic memberIsValueSet
Public methodStatic memberSerializeProcessParameters(IDictionary<String, Object>)Serializes the specified process parameter and values into a XAML string.
Public methodStatic memberSerializeProcessParameters(IDictionary<String, Object>, IEnumerable<String>)Serializes the parameter values dictionary into XAML (adding raw xml for incorrect parameters to preserve their values)
Public methodStatic memberTryDeserializeWorkflowThis method is used by client (returning all the errors instead of throwing at first one)
Public methodStatic memberValidateWorkflow(Activity)Validates the specified activity tree.
Public methodStatic memberValidateWorkflow(Activity, ValidationSettings)Validates the specified activity tree using optional settings provided by the caller.

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