This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow.Activities Namespace

This namespace contains the classes that represent the activities used by Team Foundation Build.

Public classAgentReservationSpecThis class is used to help specify the type of agent that may process an activity by using a list of tags to identify valid agents.
Public classAgentScope
Public classAgentSettingsRepresents the settings of a build agent.
Public classAgentTimeoutExceptionThrown when the thread of execution times out waiting on an agent.
Public classAssociateChangesetExceptionThrown when the thread of execution encounters an error in the associate changeset activity.
Public classAssociateChangesetsAndWorkItems
Public classAssociatedChangesetRepresents a changeset in version control that is associated with the completed build.
Public classAssociatedWorkItemRepresents a work item associated with the completed build.
Public classBuildCategoryAttributePuts an activity into the build category toolbox.
Public classBuildErrorRepresents an error in the build.
Public classBuildMessageRepresents a message about the build.
Public classBuildProcessExceptionThrown when an error occurs in the build process.
Public classBuildSettingsRepresents the projects to build and the configurations to build.
Public classBuildWarningRepresents a warning generated by the build.
Public classCheckInGatedChangesRepresents the activity that checks in gated changes.
Public classCheckInOutcome
Public classConvertWorkspaceItemRepresents an activity that converts the path of a workspace item from a server path to a local path or vice-versa.
Public classConvertWorkspaceItemsRepresents the activity that converts workspace item paths on the build agent from server to local, or vice versa.
Public classCopyDirectoryRepresents the activity that copies the contents of a directory to another.
Public classCopyDirectoryExceptionThrown by the build when an error occurs during the copy directory activity.
Public classCreateDirectoryRepresents the activity that creates a directory.
Public classCreateWorkItemExceptionThrown by the build when an error occurs during the create work item activity.
Public classCreateWorkspace
Public classDeleteDirectoryRepresents the activity that deletes a directory.
Public classDeleteWorkspaceRepresents the activity to delete a workspace.
Public classDownloadFileRepresents the activity that downloads a file.
Public classDownloadFilesRepresents the activity that downloads one or more files from a directory.
Public classDownloadFilesExceptionThrown when the build encounters an error during the download files activity.
Public classEmptyDropLocationRootExceptionThrown when the build encounters an empty root in the drop location path.
Public classEvaluateCheckInPoliciesRepresents the activity that evaluates check-in policies.
Public classEvaluateCheckInPoliciesExceptionThrown by the build when an error occurs during the EvaluateCheckInPolicies activity.
Public classExpandEnvironmentVariables
Public classFindMatchingFilesRepresents the activity that finds files that match a pattern.
Public classGetBuildAgentRepresents the activity that gets an IBuildAgent object.
Public classGetBuildDetailRepresents the activity that gets an IBuildDetail object.
Public classGetBuildDirectoryRepresents an activity that gets the literal path to the build agent’s working directory.
Public classGetBuildEnvironmentRepresents the activity that gets a BuildEnvironment object.
Public classGetExceptionRepresents an activity that gets the exception that occurred in the build.
Public classGetTeamProjectCollectionRepresents the activity that gets a TfsTeamProjectCollection object.
Public classGetWorkspaceRepresents the activity that gets a Workspace object.
Public classIndexSourcesRepresents the activity that embeds version control paths and version into the symbol data of .PDB files.
Public classInvalidBuildTypeExceptionThrown by the build when an error occurs due to an invalid build type.
Public classInvalidBuildTypeNoDownloadExceptionThrown by the build when a download fails due to an invalid build type.
Public classInvalidMacroInBuildNumberExceptionThrown by the build when it encounters an invalid macro in the build number.
Public classInvalidRevisionFormatExceptionThrown by the build when it encounters an invalid revisions specifier format.
Public classInvalidWorkspaceMappingExceptionThrown by the build when it encounters an invalid workspace mapping.
Public classInvokeForReason
Public classInvokeProcess
Public classLabelExceptionThrown when the build encounters an error with a label.
Public classLabelNotFoundExceptionThrown by the build when an expected label was not found.
Public classLabelSourcesRepresents the activity that labels files in version control.
Public classLabelWorkspaceRepresents the activity that labels a workspace.
Public classMSBuild
Public classMSTestRepresents the activity that runs tests using MSTest.
Public classMSTestInvalidArgumentExceptionThrown by the build when an invalid argument is passed to MSTest.
Public classNoShelvesetToCheckInExceptionThrown by the build when there is no shelveset to check in.
Public classOpenedWorkItemRepresents an open work item.
Public classOpenWorkItemRepresents the activity that opens a work item.
Public classPlatformConfigurationRepresents the pair of platform and configuration that a solution or project is built against.
Public classPlatformConfigurationListRepresents a list of PlatformConfiguration objects.
Public classPublishSymbolsRepresents the activity that publishes the symbol data in PDB files to a SymStore symbol store.
Public classReshelvedShelvesetRepresents a reshelved shelveset.
Public classRevertWorkspaceRepresents the activity that reverts a workspace.
Public classSetBuildPropertiesRepresents the activity that sets the properties of a build.
Public classSharedResourceScopeRepresents an activity that wraps a segment of the build process to make it “thread safe”.
Public classSourceAndSymbolServerSettingsRepresents the settings for source and symbol server integration.
Public classStringListRepresents a list of strings for use in specifying parameters to the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.WorkFlow.Activities namespace classes.
Public classSyncWorkspaceRepresents the activity that synchronizes a workspace.
Public classTestAssemblySpecContains all the MSTest settings related to a test assembly.
Public classTestFailureExceptionThrown by the build when a test fails.
Public classTestMetadataFileSpecContains MSTest settings related to a test metadata file.
Public classTestSpecRepresents a test specifier.
Public classTestSpecListRepresents a list of TestSpec objects.
Public classTfsBuildRepresents the activity for the Team Foundation Server build process.
Public classTrackingExtensions
Public classUnexpectedExitCodeExceptionThrown when the build encounters an unexpected exit code.
Public classUnexpectedTfsExceptionThrown by the build when an error occurs due to Team Foundation Server.
Public classUpdateBuildNumber
Public classUpdateWorkItemExceptionThrown by the build when an error occurs while attempting to update a work item.
Public classValidateTargetsFileExceptionThrown by the build when the targets file fails validation.
Public classWriteBuildErrorThrown by the build when an error occurs attempting to write data.
Public classWriteBuildInformation<T>
Public classWriteBuildMessageRepresents the activity that writes a build message.
Public classWriteBuildWarningRepresents the activity that writes a warning to the build.

Public enumerationCleanWorkspaceOptionContains possible values for cleaning workspaces.
Public enumerationCodeAnalysisOptionContains options to control how code analysis should be run during a build.
Public enumerationConvertWorkspaceItemDirectionContains values used to indicated the direction of a workspace item conversion.
Public enumerationMacrosIndexContains valid macro names.
Public enumerationTagComparisonSpecifies the strength of comparison to use when matching an agent’s tags to the specified tags in a query method.
Public enumerationToolPlatformSpecifies the architecture of the tool platform.