This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow Namespace

Public classBuildEnvironmentDefines the environment for a Team Foundation Server build host.
Public classBuildProcessBuilderRepresents a build process.
Public classBuildProcessSerializationExceptionRepresents an error in build process serialization.
Public classBuildProcessValidationFailedExceptionThrown when the build process validation fails.
Public classProcessParameterRepresents a build process parameter.
Public classProcessParameterMetadataThis class encapsulates all the metadata associated with a Team Foundation Build process parameter.
Public classProcessParameterMetadata.StandardParameterNamesDefines the standard parameter names used by Team Foundation Build.
Public classProcessParameterMetadataCollectionImplements a [T:System.Collections.ObjectModel.KeyedCollection<TKey,TItem>] of process parameter names and metadata.
Public classServiceMissingExceptionThrown when the thread of execution encounters a missing service.
Public classWorkflowHelpersContains static methods to assist in validating and processing workflow operations.

Public enumerationBrowsableContextSpecifies the context in which a process parameter can be viewed.
Public enumerationBuildTrackingImportanceSpecifies the importance of a particular activity with respect to BuildVerbosity.
Public enumerationBuildVerbositySpecifies the level of detail of the log output during a build. For more information about how to use this type, see Manage Build Information and Control Verbosity.