Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Tasks Namespace

Public classBuildStep
Public classCopyDirectoryTaskThis task will copy all inputs to a specified target
Public classCreateNewWorkItem
Public classCreateWorkspaceTaskThis task is used to create a workspace using an existing workspace template file. It modifies the local paths based on the [LocalPath] property of the task.
Public classDeleteWorkspaceTaskThis task is used to delete a workspace from an existing workspace template file.
Public classGenCheckinNotesUpdateWorkItems
Public classGet
Public classGetBuildProperties
Public classInternalMapping Obsolete. This class contains the minimum set of information that you need to re-create a working folder. These are serialized to local files.
Public classLabel
Public classRevertWorkspaceTask
Public classSerializedWorkspace Obsolete. This class is used to serialize a workspaces mapping to a file.
Public classSetBuildProperties
Public classTask
Public classTeamBuildTaskCompletedEventArgs
Public classTeamBuildTaskStartedEventArgs
Public classTeamBuildTaskTrackingEventArgs
Public classTestToolsTaskMSBuild task to execute MSTest.exe.
Public classWorkflowTask
Public classWorkspaceItemConverterTask