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Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Server.Compatibility Namespace

Public classAdministrationWebService
Public classAgentReservation2010
Public classAgentReservationWebService
Public classBuildAdministrationQueryResult2010Encapsulates the return value of query administration objects (service hosts, controllers, agents).
Public classBuildAgent2008
Public classBuildAgent2010Represents a build agent in a team project collection.
Public classBuildAgentQueryResult2010
Public classBuildAgentSpec2008Rather than providing a separate server method for querying build agents, you just have to provide a [BuildAgentSpec] when querying instead of the base [BuildItemSpec] if additional filtering is desired (beyond the simple path filter).
Public classBuildAgentSpec2010Provides properties for querying build agents in a team project collection.
Public classBuildAgentUpdateOptions2010Provides properties that may be updated on an existing build agent.
Public classBuildController2010Represents a build controller in a team project collection.
Public classBuildControllerQueryResult2010
Public classBuildControllerSpec2010Provides properties for querying build controllers in a team project collection.
Public classBuildControllerUpdateOptions2010Provides properties that may be updated on an existing build controller.
Public classBuildControllerWebService
Public classBuildData
Public classBuildDefinition2010
Public classBuildDefinitionQueryResult2010
Public classBuildDefinitionSpec2010Provides properties for querying build definitions in a team project collection.
Public classBuildDeletionResult2010Represents the result of deleting an individual build.
Public classBuildDetail2010Represents a build that has transitioned out of the build queue.
Public classBuildDetailSpec2010Provides properties for querying builds in a team project collection.
Public classBuildGroupItem2010Represents an item identified by a group hierarchy.
Public classBuildGroupItemSpec2010
Public classBuildGroupQueryResultEncapsulates the result set of querying build groups. Possible items that may come back from this are agents and definitions.
Public classBuildInformationNode2010Represents a single information node in the build information hierarchy.
Public classBuildParameters
Public classBuildQueryResult2008Encapsulates the result of querying builds. Items returned as a result are build detail, definitions, and agents.
Public classBuildQueryResult2010The build query result class is a streaming result. The results should be read in the following order: Definitions, Builds, Controllers, Agents, ServiceHosts, Failures. If the results are not read in this order, the behavior is undefined.
Public classBuildQueueQueryResult2008Encapsulates the return value of a query against queued builds.
Public classBuildQueueQueryResult2010
Public classBuildQueueSpec2008
Public classBuildQueueSpec2010Provides properties for querying the build queue in a team project collection.
Public classBuildQueueWebService
Public classBuildRequest2008
Public classBuildRequest2010Specifies parameters for queuing a build.
Public classBuildService
Public classBuildServiceHost2010Represents a build service host in a team project collection.
Public classBuildServiceHostQueryResult2010
Public classBuildServiceHostUpdateOptions2010Provides properties that may be updated on an existing build service host.
Public classBuildStepData
Public classBuildStoreWebService
Public classBuildTeamProjectPermission2010Represents a build project permission for a particular user.
Public classBuildUpdateOptions2010Provides properties that may be updated on an existing build.
Public classBuildWebService
Public classChangeSetData
Public classCodeCoverageData
Public classCodeCoverageStatus
Public classCompilationSummaryData
Public classFailure2010Represents a failure that occurred during a bulk query.
Public classInformationAddRequest2010Represents a request to add a new build information node.
Public classInformationChangeRequest2010Represents a change request for a build information node.
Public classInformationDeleteRequest2010Represents a request to delete a build information node.
Public classInformationEditRequest2010Represents a request to update an existing build information node.
Public classInformationField2010Represents a key-value pair of strings associated with an information node.
Public classPlatformFlavorData
Public classProcessTemplate2010Represents a process template in a team project.
Public classProjectData
Public classQueryResult2010
Public classQueuedBuild2008
Public classQueuedBuild2010Represents an entry in the build queue.
Public classQueuedBuildUpdateOptions2010Provides properties that may be updated on an existing queued build.
Public classRetentionPolicy2010Represents an automatic deletion policy for a build definition.
Public classRosarioHelper
Public classSchedule2010Represents a build definition schedule.
Public classSharedResourceWebService
Public classTestResultData
Public classWorkItemData
Public classWorkspaceMapping2010
Public classWorkspaceTemplate2010Represents a workspace template for a build definition.

Public enumerationAgent2008Status
Public enumerationAgentStatus2010Specifies the current status of a build agent.
Public enumerationBuildAgentUpdate2010Specifies the fields that should be updated for a build agent.
Public enumerationBuildControllerUpdate2010Specifies the fields that should be updated for a build controller.
Public enumerationBuildPhaseStatus2010Specifies the status for a particular build phase, such as compilation or tests.
Public enumerationBuildQueryOrder2010Specifies the desired build order.
Public enumerationBuildReason2010Specifies the reason a build was started.
Public enumerationBuildServiceHostUpdate2010Specifies the fields that should be updated for a build service host.
Public enumerationBuildStatus2010Specifies the status for a build.
Public enumerationBuildStepStatus
Public enumerationBuildUpdate2010Specifies the fields that should be updated for a build.
Public enumerationContinuousIntegrationTypeSpecifies the continuous integration type that is used as the trigger for system builds of a build definition.
Public enumerationControllerStatus2010Specifies the current status of a build controller.
Public enumerationDeleteOptions2010Specifies the data that should be deleted when you delete a build.
Public enumerationGetOption2010Specifies the behavior to use when it determines the version of sources to download.
Public enumerationInformationEditOptions2010Specifies the behavior to use when modifying the fields of an information node.
Public enumerationProcessTemplateType2010Specifies the process template type.
Public enumerationQueryDeletedOption2010Specifies how deleted builds are treated in a query.
Public enumerationQueryOptions2010Specifies the data that should be returned from a query and also to the data directly queried.
Public enumerationQueuedBuildUpdate2010Specifies the fields that should be updated for a queued build.
Public enumerationQueueOptions2010Specifies the options to use when queuing a build.
Public enumerationQueuePriority2010Specifies the priority of a build in the queue.
Public enumerationQueueStatus2010Specifies the status of a queued build.
Public enumerationScheduleDays2010Specifies the days a particular schedule should run.
Public enumerationTagComparison2010Specifies the comparison operator to use when matching the tags of a build agent.
Public enumerationWorkspaceMappingType2010Specifies the type for a workspace mapping.
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