This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Server Namespace

Public classAccessDeniedExceptionThrown when the client attempts to perform an action to which access is denied.
Public classAdministrationException
Public classAdministrationWebService4
Public classAgentReservation
Public classAgentReservationWebService4
Public classBuildAgentRepresents a build agent in a team project collection.
Public classBuildAgentAlreadyExistsException
Public classBuildAgentDeletionException
Public classBuildAgentDoesNotExistException
Public classBuildAgentQueryResult
Public classBuildAgentSpecProvides properties for querying build agents in a team project collection.
Public classBuildAgentUpdateException
Public classBuildAgentUpdateOptionsProvides properties that may be updated on an existing build agent.
Public classBuildArtifactProvider
Public classBuildCompletionEvent
Public classBuildCompletionEvent2
Public classBuildCompletionNotificationEvent
Public classBuildControllerRepresents a build controller in a team project collection.
Public classBuildControllerAlreadyExistsException
Public classBuildControllerDeletionException
Public classBuildControllerDoesNotExistException
Public classBuildControllerQueryResult
Public classBuildControllerSpecProvides properties for querying build controllers in a team project collection.
Public classBuildControllerUpdateException
Public classBuildControllerUpdateOptionsProvides properties that can be updated on an existing build controller.
Public classBuildDefinition
Public classBuildDefinitionAlreadyExistsExceptionThrown when the user attempts to add a new build definition or update an existing build definition with a name that already exists.
Public classBuildDefinitionChangedEvent
Public classBuildDefinitionChangingEvent
Public classBuildDefinitionDisabledExceptionThrown when a build queue try is made against a disabled definition.
Public classBuildDefinitionDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when the user attempts to reference a build definition in an update or a build request and the definition does not exist.
Public classBuildDefinitionQueryResult
Public classBuildDefinitionSpecProvides properties for querying build definitions in a team project collection.
Public classBuildDefinitionUpdateException
Public classBuildDefinitionUpgradeCompletionEvent
Public classBuildDeletedEvent
Public classBuildDeletionResultRepresents the result of deleting an individual build.
Public classBuildDeploymentThis class contains the build summary for the actual deployment and the build summary for source build being deployed.
Public classBuildDeploymentSpecProvides properties for querying build deployments in a team project collection.
Public classBuildDeploymentWebService
Public classBuildDetailRepresents a build that has transitioned out of the build queue.
Public classBuildDetailSpecProvides properties for querying builds in a team project collection.
Public classBuildGroupAlreadyExistsExceptionThrown when the client attempts to create a build group that already exists on the server.
Public classBuildGroupDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when the client attempts to add an item to a nonexistent build group.
Public classBuildInformationNodeRepresents a single information node in the build information hierarchy.
Public classBuildMachineRequestDoesNotExistException
Public classBuildMachineRequestInProgressException
Public classBuildMachineRequestUpdateException
Public classBuildNotDeletedException
Public classBuildNumberAlreadyExistsExceptionThrown when the client attempts to add a build number that already exists for the given build definition.
Public classBuildQualityChangedNotificationEvent
Public classBuildQualityDoesNotExistExceptionThrown when the user attempts to use a non-existent build quality to update a build.
Public classBuildQueryResult
Public classBuildQueueQueryResult
Public classBuildQueueSpecProvides properties for querying the build queue in a team project collection.
Public classBuildQueueWebService4
Public classBuildReasonNotSupportedExceptionThrown when the user attempts to queue a build with a reason that is not supported by the definition's process.
Public classBuildRequestSpecifies parameters for queuing a build.
Public classBuildResourceChangedEvent
Public classBuildServerExceptionBase class for common functionality. All exceptions that occur on the build server should use this as a base class.
Public classBuildServiceHostRepresents a build service host in a team project collection.
Public classBuildServiceHostAlreadyExistsException
Public classBuildServiceHostDeletionException
Public classBuildServiceHostDoesNotExistException
Public classBuildServiceHostOwnershipException
Public classBuildServiceHostQueryResult
Public classBuildServiceHostUpdateException
Public classBuildServiceHostUpdateOptionsProvides properties that can be updated on an existing build service host.
Public classBuildStatusChangeEvent
Public classBuildSummaryThis class contains basic build information so the UI can display what it needs
Public classBuildTeamProjectPermissionRepresents a build project permission for a particular user.
Public classBuildUpdateOptionsProvides properties that may be updated on an existing build.
Public classBuildWebService4
Public classBuildWebServiceBase
Public classCannotDeleteDefinitionBuildExistsExceptionThrown by the server when the user attempts to delete a build definition that still has builds associated with it on the server.
Public classCannotDeleteInProgressBuildExceptionThrown when the user attempts to delete a build that is currently in progress.
Public classCannotRedeployException
Public classCannotStartBuildExceptionThrown when the user attempts to start a queued build but the build cannot start.
Public classCannotStopBuildExceptionThrown when the user attempts to stop a build before it is received and started on the agent.
Public classChange
Public classChangedEvent
Public classChangesetDisplayInformationThis class contains changeset number, user display name
Public classCoverageServiceRestartFailureDuringDeleteExceptionThrown when [EDTInteraction] attempts to delete a test run and the coverage service restarts in the middle.
Public classDeploymentEnvironmentThis class contains all the deployment environment metadata and also the secret environment properties. This class does not serialize the secret values, those are fetched from the client on demand.
Public classDeploymentEnvironmentCreationData
Public classDeploymentEnvironmentMetadataThis class contains the "public" information about a DeploymentEnvironent. This includes the Name, TeamProject, ConnectedServiceName, FriendlyName, Kind, and Description. Used by Clients to display DeploymentEnviornment without revealing the secret information.
Public classDeploymentEnvironmentNotFoundException
Public classDeployWebServiceBase
Public classDuplicateBuildUpdateRequestExceptionThis exception is thrown when a request is made to update a build two times in the same request.
Public classDuplicateInformationChangeRequestExceptionThis exception is thrown when a request is made to delete an information node that has children but the recursive flag was not set.
Public classDuplicateProcessTemplateException
Public classFailureRepresents a failure that occurred during a bulk query.
Public classGatedCheckInTicketValidationException
Public classInformationAddRequestRepresents a request to add a new build information node.
Public classInformationAddRequestCycleExceptionThis exception is thrown when an attempt is made to add a cycle to the information tree.
Public classInformationChangeRequestRepresents a change request for a build information node.
Public classInformationChangeRequestExceptionThis class of exception is thrown when an error is encountered while you try to change build information associated with a particular build.
Public classInformationDeleteRequestRepresents a request to delete a build information node.
Public classInformationEditRequestRepresents a request to update an existing build information node.
Public classInformationFieldRepresents a key-value pair of strings associated with an information node.
Public classInformationNodeDoesNotExistException
Public classInformationParentNodeDoesNotExistExceptionThis exception is thrown when the user attempts to perform an add or a re-parent during an edit and the required node does not exist.
Public classInvalidBuildAgentReservationException
Public classInvalidBuildGroupItemUpdateExceptionThrown when the user attempts to relocate a build group item to another team project.
Public classInvalidBuildRequestException
Public classInvalidBuildUriExceptionThrown when the client specifies a build URI that doesn't exist.
Public classInvalidPlatformFlavorExceptionThrown when the client specifies an unknown platform and flavor combination.
Public classInvalidQueueRequestException
Public classInvalidSharedResourceRequestException
Public classMultipleDefaultProcessTemplatesException
Public classMultipleUpgradeProcessTemplatesException
Public classProcessTemplateRepresents a process template in a team project.
Public classProcessTemplateDeletedExceptionThrown when the user attempts to queue a build for a definition whose process template no longer exists.
Public classProcessTemplateNotFoundException
Public classPropertyChange
Public classPropertyChange<T>
Public classQueuedBuildRepresents an entry in the build queue.
Public classQueuedBuildDoesNotExistException
Public classQueuedBuildUpdateException
Public classQueuedBuildUpdateOptionsProvides properties that can be updated on an existing queued build.
Public classRequestedForDisplayInformationThis class contains requestedFor user tfid and display name
Public classRetentionPolicyRepresents an automatic deletion policy for a build definition.
Public classScheduleRepresents a build definition schedule.
Public classSecurityExceptionThrown when the client attempts to perform an action and does not have sufficient permissions.
Public classSharedResource
Public classSharedResourceAlreadyAcquiredException
Public classSharedResourceAlreadyRequestedException
Public classSharedResourceRequest
Public classSharedResourceWebService4
Public classSoapNamespacesSOAP namespaces for all build types and services.
Public classStopBuildTimeoutExceptionThrown when the build could not be stopped due to a misbehaving activity.
Public classTeamFoundationBuildResourceServiceProvides methods for manipulating build agents, build controllers, and build service hosts.
Public classTeamFoundationBuildServiceProvides methods for manipulating builds, build definitions, process templates, and the build queue. Use TeamFoundationServiceHost.GetService<T>() or TeamFoundationRequestContext.GetService<T>() to obtain an instance of this class.
Public classTeamFoundationDeploymentService
Public classWorkspaceMapping
Public classWorkspaceTemplateRepresents a workspace template for a build definition.

Public enumerationAgentStatusSpecifies the current status of a build agent.
Public enumerationBuildAgentUpdateSpecifies the fields that should be updated for a build agent.
Public enumerationBuildControllerUpdateSpecifies the fields that should be updated for a build controller.
Public enumerationBuildPhaseStatusSpecifies the status for a particular build phase, such as compilation or tests.
Public enumerationBuildQueryOrderSpecifies the desired ordering of builds.
Public enumerationBuildReasonSpecifies the reason a build was started.
Public enumerationBuildServiceHostUpdateSpecifies the fields that should be updated for a build service host.
Public enumerationBuildStatusSpecifies the status for a build.
Public enumerationBuildUpdateSpecifies the fields that should be updated for a build.
Public enumerationChangedType
Public enumerationControllerStatusSpecifies the current status of a build controller.
Public enumerationDefinitionFilterTypeSpecifies the type of definition filter that is used in a query.
Public enumerationDefinitionQueueStatusSpecifies the status of a definition queue.
Public enumerationDefinitionTriggerTypeSpecifies the trigger type that is used for a build definition.
Public enumerationDeleteOptionsSpecifies the data that should be deleted when you delete a build.
Public enumerationDeploymentEnvironmentKind
Public enumerationGetOptionSpecifies the behavior to use when it determines the version of sources to download.
Public enumerationInformationEditOptionsSpecifies the behavior to use when modifying the fields of an information node.
Public enumerationProcessTemplateTypeSpecifies the process template type.
Public enumerationQueryDeletedOptionSpecifies how deleted builds are treated in a query.
Public enumerationQueryOptionsSpecifies the data that should be returned from a query and also to the data directly queried.
Public enumerationQueuedBuildRetryOptionSpecifies the options to requeue a build request.
Public enumerationQueuedBuildUpdateSpecifies the fields that should be updated for a queued build.
Public enumerationQueueOptionsSpecifies the options to use when queuing a build.
Public enumerationQueuePrioritySpecifies the priority of a build in the queue.
Public enumerationQueueStatusSpecifies the status of a queued build.
Public enumerationScheduleDaysSpecifies the days a particular schedule should run.
Public enumerationServiceHostStatusSpecifies the current status of a build service host.
Public enumerationTagComparisonSpecifies the comparison operator to use when matching the tags of a build agent.
Public enumerationWorkspaceMappingTypeSpecifies the type for a workspace mapping.