This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Hosted.Server Namespace

Public classAzureVirtualizationEnvironment
Public classBuildMachineInfo
Public classBuildMachineRequestRepresents a request made by a Team Build collection to perform a build in the hosted environment.
Public classBuildMachineResponseRepresents the result of a build performed in the hosted environment.
Public classBuildMachineStatusReportRepresents the status of a VM role instance used for Hosted builds
Public classHostedBuildPoolWebService
Public classMachinePoolDefines the configuration information for a Hosted Build computer pool.
Public classMachinePoolStatistics
Public classMessageQueueServiceExtensions
Public classTeamFoundationHostedBuildServiceProvies methods for managing builds against Hosted build computer pools.

Public interfaceIVirtualizationEnvironment