This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

BuildContainerPath Class

Provides utility methods for build container paths.


Namespace:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Common
Assembly:  Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Common (in Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Common.dll)

public static class BuildContainerPath

The BuildContainerPath type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberRootFolderGets the root folder

Public methodStatic memberAreEqual
Public methodStatic memberCombineCombines path segments into one canonicalized path.
Public methodStatic memberGetContainerIdFinds the containerId from a build container path.
Public methodStatic memberGetContainerIdAndPathSplits a path into its two major components of container id and item path.
Public methodStatic memberGetFolderNameTakes a build container path as either #/id/aaa/bbb or the http address and strips off the last part of the path. If there is not a '/' in the path the original path is returned.
Public methodStatic memberGetFullPathCanonicalize a server drop path. This will ensure that, if used, wild cards are not used and that separators are consistent.
Public methodStatic memberGetItemNameReturns just the file name portion of a path. If the path contains only a team project then the file name will be empty.
Public methodStatic memberIsHttpUrlTakes a logLocation stored in an Intermediate build information node and returns whether the path starts with "http".
Public methodStatic memberIsServerPath
Public methodStatic memberIsSubItem
Public methodStatic memberIsValidPathValidates a server drop path and canonicalizes it if it is valid. The output value error is set when the path is not valid.
Public methodStatic memberMakeRelativeChecks to see if fullPath starts with the parentPath. If so,the parent path is removed from fullPath and the remaining part of fullPath is returned.

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