This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IBuildDefinition Methods

The IBuildDefinition type exposes the following members.

Public method AddSchedule Adds a schedule to the list of schedules for the build definition. The schedule has no effect if the ContinuousIntegrationType is not Schedule. Only one schedule is accepted in the list.
Public method CreateBuildRequest Creates a build request from the build definition that has values for IBuildAgent and drop location set to the default build agent and default drop location.
Public method CreateManualBuild Overloaded. Creates a build detail record in the Team Foundation Server build database.
Public method CreateProjectFile Creates an IProjectFile from the build definition with values for the obsolete properties set to values determined by the build definition.
Public method CreateSpec Creates a new build specification for the build definition.
Public method Delete Deletes the build definition and all its builds from the server.
Public method QueryBuilds Gets all the builds for this build definition.
Public method Refresh Refreshes the build group item by retrieving current property values from the build server. (Inherited from IBuildGroupItem.)
Public method Save Saves any changes that were made to the IBuildDefinition object to the server.