This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Microsoft.TeamFoundation Namespace

The Microsoft.TeamFoundation namespace

Public classAdminConstants 
Public classArtifactCreates a new Artifact object and provides details about the object.
Public classArtifactConstants 
Public classArtifactIdDefines detailed identifying information about an artifact object so that other API methods can gain access to the artifact object.
Public classArtifactLinkCreates and describes links between artifacts.
Public classArtifactLinkIds 
Public classArtifactTypeNames 
Public classEventLogSourceNames 
Public classExtendedAttributeHolds extended attribute data.
Public classGroupWellKnownShortNames 
Public classGroupWellKnownSidConstants 
Public classHttpHeaderExceptions 
Public classHttpHeaders 
Public classLinkFilterFilters query method results.
Public classLinkingServiceNameDefines the linking service as a consumer service or a provider service.
Public classLinkingUtilitiesDefines a set of linking utilities.
Public classLoggingDBReportingNames 
Public classOperationalDatabaseNames 
Public classOutboundLinkHolds the details on outbound links.
Public classPermissionActionIdConstants 
Public classPermissionNamespaces 
Public classPermissionObjectClasses 
Public classPluginActivationException 
Public classPluginCatalogCreates and holds plug-in catalog data.
Public classPluginCatalogHelper 
Public classPluginCatalogImpl 
Public classPluginCategoryContains plug-in category information.
Public classPluginRecordHolds descriptive and identifying information about the plug-in, provides a way to turn the plug-in on and off, and provides a mechanism for passing XML to the plug-in.
Public classServerAttributes 
Public classServiceInterfaces 
Public classSpecialUrls 
Public classStandardPluginCatalogFactoryContains the standard plug-in catalog factory.
Public classTeamFoundationExceptionFormatter 
Public classTeamFoundationInvalidServerNameException 
Public classTeamFoundationServerException 
Public classTeamFoundationServerUnauthorizedException 
Public classTeamFoundationServerVersionCheckException 
Public classTeamFoundationTextWriterTraceListener 
Public classTeamFoundationTrace 
Public classTeamFoundationTraceListener 
Public classTeamFoundationVersion 
Public classTfsSecurity 
Public classTFStringComparer 
Public classToolNames 
Public classTraceComponentNames 

Public interfaceILinkingDefines methods for client-side artifact linking.
Public interfaceILinkingConsumerDefines a method to retrieve a list of artifact objects that reference or link to one or more of the artifacts identified in an input list of artifact URIs.
Public interfaceILinkingProviderDefines a method that enables a caller to navigate to and display an Artifact without any knowledge of the Artifact or the Artifact’s type.