FullEnumerationContext Class

The synchronization session context that is passed to an FullEnumerationSimpleSyncProvider object.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Synchronization.SimpleProviders
Assembly:  Microsoft.Synchronization.SimpleProviders (in Microsoft.Synchronization.SimpleProviders.dll)

public class FullEnumerationContext : ItemEnumerationContext

The FullEnumerationContext type exposes the following members.

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Public methodReportItemsReports items that were enumerated from the local replica.
Public methodSetDeleteModeSets whether a delete is a normal delete that is propagated to other replicas, or a local-only delete. (Inherited from ItemEnumerationContext.)
Public methodSkipChangeDetectionCalled by a provider to cause the Sync Framework runtime to skip change detection for a synchronization session.
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The context can be used by the provider in circumstances when the provider is not going to return an enumeration of items or where the provider needs to modify the enumeration behavior of the Sync Framework runtime.

The following code example shows the FullEnumerationContext object being passed to the EnumerateItems method, and the ReportItems method being called on the context object. To view this code in the context of a complete application, see the "Sync101 using Simple Sync Provider" application that is available in the Sync Framework SDK and from Code Gallery.

public override void EnumerateItems(FullEnumerationContext context)
    List<ItemFieldDictionary> items = new List<ItemFieldDictionary>();
    foreach (ulong id in _store.Ids)

Public Overrides Sub EnumerateItems(ByVal context As FullEnumerationContext)
    Dim items As New List(Of ItemFieldDictionary)()
    For Each id As ULong In _store.Ids
End Sub

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