Microsoft.Synchronization.FeedSync Namespace

Microsoft Sync Framework provides support for producing and consuming data by using FeedSync. This includes RSS and Atom feeds. Sync Framework also provides services to help custom providers interoperate directly with FeedSync.

Public classEndpointStateRepresents the state of a FeedSync endpoint. This can be loaded from either a provider or a FeedSync feed.
Public classFeedBuilderBuilds a FeedSync feed during a synchronization session.
Public classFeedClockVectorRepresents a clock vector that contains FeedSync information. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classFeedClockVectorElementRepresents a clock vector element that contains FeedSync information. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classFeedConsumerConsumes items from a FeedSync feed and imports them to a synchronization provider.
Public classFeedIdConverterWhen overridden, represents an object that can translate between IDs in the FeedSync format and IDs in the provider format.
Public classFeedItemConverterWhen overridden, represents an object that can translate items between the FeedSync format and the provider format.
Public classFeedItemHistoryRepresents the FeedSync item history for an item.
Public classFeedItemMetadataRepresents the FeedSync item metadata for an item.
Public classFeedMetadataContains the metadata for the FeedSync feed.
Public classFeedProducerProduces FeedSync feeds that are based on data from a synchronization provider.
Public classFeedSharingInformationRepresents the FeedSync sharing metadata for the feed.
Public classFeedSyncServicesRepresents services that translate data between the FeedSync XML format to the Sync Framework object format.

Public delegateItemDataMergerRepresents the method that will handle the merging of data for a merge change to be saved by SaveItemChange.
Public delegateItemMetadataFilterRepresents the method that will filter items to be included in a change batch. This delegate is used by GetChangeBatch.

Public enumerationFeedClockVectorElementOptionsRepresents additional information about the clock vector element.