SyncStatistics Class

Synchronization Services - ADO.NET 1.0 SP1

Represents a summary of a SyncSession with regard to the total number of operations that occurred on the client and server.

Namespace: Microsoft.Synchronization.Data
Assembly: Microsoft.Synchronization.Data (in

public class SyncStatistics
/** @attribute SerializableAttribute() */ 
public class SyncStatistics
public class SyncStatistics

Synchronization statistics are useful for logging and for presenting summary data to a user after a synchronization session is complete.

The following code examples call the Synchronize method of a class that derives from SyncAgent, and then write information to the console. To view this code in the context of a complete example, see Getting Started: Client and Server Synchronization.

SampleSyncAgent sampleSyncAgent = new SampleSyncAgent();
SyncStatistics syncStatistics = sampleSyncAgent.Synchronize();

Console.WriteLine("Start Time: " + syncStatistics.SyncStartTime);
Console.WriteLine("Total Changes Downloaded: " + syncStatistics.TotalChangesDownloaded);
Console.WriteLine("Complete Time: " + syncStatistics.SyncCompleteTime);

Console.WriteLine("Start Time: " & syncStatistics.SyncStartTime)
Console.WriteLine("Total Changes Downloaded: " & syncStatistics.TotalChangesDownloaded)
Console.WriteLine("Complete Time: " & syncStatistics.SyncCompleteTime)


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