SyncSchemaColumn Class

Represents the schema of a column in a SyncSchemaTable.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Synchronization.Data
Assembly:  Microsoft.Synchronization.Data (in Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.dll)

public class SyncSchemaColumn

The SyncSchemaColumn type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowNullGets or sets a value that indicates whether null values are allowed in this column.
Public propertyAutoIncrementGets or sets a value indicating whether the column automatically increments its value when new rows are inserted into the table.
Public propertyAutoIncrementSeedGets or sets the starting value for a column that has its AutoIncrement property set to true.
Public propertyAutoIncrementStepGets or sets the increment for a column that has its AutoIncrement property set to true.
Public propertyCollationGets or sets the collation for the column. Collation is a set of rules that determines how data is compared, ordered, and presented.
Public propertyColumnNameGets or sets the name of the column.
Public propertyDataTypeGets or sets a Type object that represents the type of data stored in the column.
Public propertyDefaultValueGets or sets the default value for the column when new rows are created.
Public propertyMaxLengthGets or sets the maximum length of a text column.
Public propertyNumericPrecisionGets of sets the numeric precision for the column if the data type is Decimal.
Public propertyNumericScaleGets of sets the numeric scale for the column when the data type is Decimal.
Public propertyProviderDataTypeGets or sets the SQL Server data type of the column.
Public propertyRowGuidGets or sets whether the column is a Guid.
Public propertyUniqueGets or sets whether the values in each row of the column must be unique.

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The column is the fundamental building block for creating the schema of a table. Build the schema by adding one or more column objects to the column list. Each column has a DataType property that determines the kind of data that the column contains. For example, you can restrict the data type to integers, or strings, or decimals in the form of .NET Framework types. Each column also has a ProviderDataType property that determines the SQL Server data type of the column. A column object always depends on the table that contains this column.

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