Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.Server Namespace

This namespace contains types that are used for client and server database synchronization in Sync Framework. The following namespaces are used in client and server synchronization: Microsoft.Synchronization, Microsoft.Synchronization.Data, Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.Server, and Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SqlServerCe.

Public classDbServerSyncProviderAbstracts a generic server synchronization provider that communicates with the server database and shields the synchronization agent from the specific implementation of the database.
Public classFilterParameterCollectionA collection of parameters that are used when you filter the data that is selected from the server.
Public classSqlSyncAdapterBuilderCreates a SyncAdapter and the SQL commands that are required to synchronize a client with a SQL Server database.
Public classSyncAdapterRepresents a set of data commands that are used to obtain schema information and to retrieve and apply changes at the server database.
Public classSyncAdapterCollectionA collection of SyncAdapter objects.
Public classSyncColumnMappingMaps a column in a server table to the corresponding column in a client table.
Public classSyncColumnMappingCollectionContains a collection of SyncColumnMapping objects.
Public classSyncDataColumnCollectionA collection of the names of columns from tables in the server database.

Public enumerationChangeTrackingTypeDefines the type of change tracking that the server database uses.