DbSnapshotInitializationTableStatistics Class

Represents a set of table-level statistics about the snapshot initialization of a client database.


Namespace:  Microsoft.Synchronization.Data
Assembly:  Microsoft.Synchronization.Data (in Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.dll)

public class DbSnapshotInitializationTableStatistics

The DbSnapshotInitializationTableStatistics type exposes the following members.

Public propertyEndTimeGets or sets the date and time at which the snapshot initialization process ended for the table.
Public propertyRowsInitializedGets or sets the total number of rows that were initialized in the table.
Public propertyStartTimeGets the date and time at which the snapshot initialization process started for the table.
Public propertyTableNameGets the name of the table that was initialized.
Public propertyTotalRowsGets or sets the total number of rows in the table.

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Snapshot initialization is designed to reduce the time required to initialize a client database. After one client database has been initialized by using full initialization, subsequent databases can be initialized by using a snapshot of this first client database. A snapshot is a specially-prepared SQL Server Compact database that contains table schema, data (optional), and change-tracking infrastructure. For more information, see How To: Execute Database Synchronization (SQL Server).

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