DbApplyChangeFailedEventArgs Properties

The DbApplyChangeFailedEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public property Action Gets or sets a ApplyAction enumeration value that specifies the action to handle the conflict.
Public property Conflict Gets a DbSyncConflict object that contains data and metadata for the row being applied and for the existing row in the database that caused the failure.
Public property Connection Gets an IDbConnection object for the connection over which changes were tried during synchronization.
Public property Context Gets a DbSyncContext object that contains data changes, anchor values, and other metadata for a synchronization session.
Public property Error Gets an Exception object that contains metadata about any exceptions that occurred during synchronization.
Public property Session Gets a DbSyncSession object that contains synchronization session variables, such as the ID of the peer that is synchronizing.
Public property Transaction Gets or sets an IDbTransaction object that contains the transaction within which changes to tables were tried.