ApplyingChangesEventArgs Members

Provides data for the client ApplyingChanges event and the server ApplyingChanges event.

The following tables list the members exposed by the ApplyingChangesEventArgs type.

  Name Description
Public method ApplyingChangesEventArgs Initializes a new instance of the ApplyingChangesEventArgs class by using group metadata, data set, session, context, connection, and transaction parameters.

  Name Description
Public property Changes Gets a DataSet object that contains the rows of data to be applied for all tables in the synchronization group.
Public property Connection Gets an IDbConnection object for the connection over which changes are applied during synchronization.
Public property Context Gets a SyncContext object that contains data changes and anchor values and other metadata for a synchronization session.
Public property GroupMetadata Gets a SyncGroupMetadata object that contains metadata, such as the names of the tables in the synchronization group.
Public property Session Gets a SyncSession object that contains synchronization session variables, such as the ID of the client that is synchronizing.
Public property Transaction Gets or sets an IDbTransaction object that contains the transaction within which changes to tables are applied.

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