ScatterViewItem.ContainerManipulationDelta Event

Occurs when input that is captured to a ScatterContentControlBase control is recognized as a known manipulation.

Namespace: Microsoft.Surface.Presentation.Controls
Assembly: Microsoft.Surface.Presentation (in Microsoft.Surface.Presentation)


public event ContainerManipulationDeltaEventHandler ContainerManipulationDelta
/** @event */
public void add_ContainerManipulationDelta (ContainerManipulationDeltaEventHandler value)

/** @event */
public void remove_ContainerManipulationDelta (ContainerManipulationDeltaEventHandler value)

The ContainerManipulationDelta event is a routed event that is identified by the ContainerManipulationDeltaEvent field.

The ContainerManipulationDelta event is raised when a new touch device is placed on the ScatterContentControlBase control, the touch device is moved, or the touch device is lifted.

When a touch device is first placed on the control and the event is raised, the HorizontalChange, VerticalChange and RotationalChange properties of the ContainerManipulationDeltaEventArgs object that is passed to the event will equal zero; the ScaleFactor property that is passed to the event will equal 1.0. These values indicate that no change has occurred in the manipulation.

When the ContainerManipulationDelta event is raised, the ManipulationOrigin property of the ContainerManipulationDeltaEventArgs object represents the composite center of all touches that are currently participating in the manipulation.



Operating System (OS)Windows 7
Software Developer Kit (SDK)Surface 2.0
.NET Framework 4
Developer environmentVisual Studio 2010, Express or full edition
Microsoft Expression Blend 4.0 (optional)
End-user hardwareDevices made for Surface 2.0, or
Windows Touch computers

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