LibraryStack Members

Represents a control that displays items in a stack arrangement and enables users to shift the top item among its child elements.

The following tables list the members exposed by the LibraryStack type.

  Name Description
  LibraryStack Overloaded.  

  Name Description
public field static DisplayItemsCountProperty Identifies a dependency property that represents the count of the displayed items.
public field static DragCursorStyleProperty Identifies a dependency property that represents the style of the dragging cursor.
public field static IsActiveProperty Identifies a dependency property that specifies the active state of a LibraryStack object.

(see also Protected Properties)
public propertyActualHeight  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyActualWidth  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyAllowDrop  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAlternationCount  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesCaptured  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesCapturedWithin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesDirectlyOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyAreAnyTouchesOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyBackground  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyBindingGroup  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyBitmapEffect  Obsolete.  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyBitmapEffectInput  Obsolete.  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyBorderBrush  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyBorderThickness  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyCacheMode  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyClip  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyClipToBounds  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyCommandBindings  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyContextMenu  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyCursor  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyDataContext  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyDependencyObjectType  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public propertyDesiredSize  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyDispatcher  (Inherited from DispatcherObject)
public propertyDisplayItemsCountGets the count of displayed items.
public propertyDisplayMemberPath  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyDragCursorStyleGets or sets the style of the dragging cursor.
public propertyEffect  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyFlowDirection  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyFocusable  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyFocusVisualStyle  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyFontFamily  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyFontSize  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyFontStretch  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyFontStyle  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyFontWeight  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyForceCursor  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyForeground  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyGroupStyle  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyGroupStyleSelector  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyHasAnimatedProperties  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyHasItems  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyHeight  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyHorizontalAlignment  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyHorizontalContentAlignment  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyInputBindings  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyInputScope  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsActiveGets or sets a value that indicates whether or not a LibraryStack object is in the active state.
public propertyIsArrangeValid  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsEnabled  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsFocused  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsGrouping  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyIsHitTestVisible  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsInitialized  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsInputMethodEnabled  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsKeyboardFocused  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsKeyboardFocusWithin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsLoaded  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyIsManipulationEnabled  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMeasureValid  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseCaptured  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseCaptureWithin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseDirectlyOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsMouseOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsSealed  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public propertyIsStylusCaptured  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusCaptureWithin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusDirectlyOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsStylusOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyIsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem  (Inherited from Selector)
public propertyIsTabStop  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyIsTextSearchCaseSensitive  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyIsTextSearchEnabled  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyIsVisible  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyItemBindingGroup  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyItemContainerGenerator  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyItemContainerStyle  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyItemContainerStyleSelector  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyItems  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyItemsPanel  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyItemsSource  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyItemStringFormat  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyItemTemplate  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyItemTemplateSelector  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public propertyLanguage  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyLayoutTransform  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMargin  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMaxHeight  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMaxWidth  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMinHeight  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyMinWidth  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyName  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyOpacity  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyOpacityMask  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyOverridesDefaultStyle  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyPadding  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyParent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyPersistId  Obsolete.  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderSize  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderTransform  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyRenderTransformOrigin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyResources  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertySelectedIndex  (Inherited from Selector)
public propertySelectedItem  (Inherited from Selector)
public propertySelectedValue  (Inherited from Selector)
public propertySelectedValuePath  (Inherited from Selector)
public propertySnapsToDevicePixels  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyStyle  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyTabIndex  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyTag  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyTemplate  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyTemplatedParent  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyToolTip  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyTouchesCaptured  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTouchesCapturedWithin  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTouchesDirectlyOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTouchesOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyTriggers  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyUid  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyUseLayoutRounding  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyVerticalAlignment  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public propertyVerticalContentAlignment  (Inherited from Control)
public propertyVisibility  (Inherited from UIElement)
public propertyWidth  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)

  Name Description
protected property IsEnabledCore  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected property StylusPlugIns  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected property VisualChildrenCount  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected property VisualParent  (Inherited from Visual)

(see also Protected Methods)
public methodAddHandler  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodAddHandler  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodAddToEventRoute  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodApplyAnimationClock  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodApplyAnimationClock  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodApplyTemplate  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodArrange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodBeginAnimation  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodBeginAnimation  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodBeginInit  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public methodBeginStoryboard  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodBeginStoryboard  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodBeginStoryboard  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodBringIntoView  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodBringIntoView  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodCaptureMouse  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodCaptureStylus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodCaptureTouch  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodCheckAccess  (Inherited from DispatcherObject)
public methodClearValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodClearValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodCoerceValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodContainerFromElement  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public methodEndInit  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public methodEquals  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodFindCommonVisualAncestor  (Inherited from Visual)
public methodFindName  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodFindResource  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodGetAnimationBaseValue  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodGetAreAnyInputDevicesCaptured  Gets a value that determines whether any supported input devices are captured by the specified element. (Inherited from TouchExtensions)
public methodGetAreAnyInputDevicesCapturedWithin  Gets a value that determines whether any supported input devices are captured within any portion of the specified element. (Inherited from TouchExtensions)
public methodGetAreAnyInputDevicesDirectlyOver  Gets a value that determines whether any supported input devices are directly over the specified element. (Inherited from TouchExtensions)
public methodGetAreAnyInputDevicesOver  Gets a value that determines whether any supported input devices are over any portion of an element. (Inherited from TouchExtensions)
public methodGetBindingExpression  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodGetHashCode  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodGetInputDevicesCaptured  Gets a collection of input devices that have been captured by the specified element. (Inherited from TouchExtensions)
public methodGetInputDevicesCapturedWithin  Gets a collection of input devices that have been captured within any portion of the specified element. (Inherited from TouchExtensions)
public methodGetInputDevicesDirectlyOver  Gets a collection of input devices that are directly over the specified element. (Inherited from TouchExtensions)
public methodGetInputDevicesOver  Gets a collection of input devices that are over any portion of an element. (Inherited from TouchExtensions)
public methodGetLocalValueEnumerator  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodGetType  (Inherited from Object)
public methodGetValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodInputHitTest  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodInvalidateArrange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodInvalidateMeasure  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodInvalidateProperty  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodInvalidateVisual  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodIsAncestorOf  (Inherited from Visual)
public methodIsDescendantOf  (Inherited from Visual)
public methodMeasure  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodMoveFocus  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodOnApplyTemplate  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodPointFromScreen  (Inherited from Visual)
public methodPointToScreen  (Inherited from Visual)
public methodPredictFocus  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodRaiseEvent  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodReadLocalValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodRegisterName  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodReleaseAllTouchCaptures  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodReleaseMouseCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodReleaseStylusCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodReleaseTouchCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodRemoveHandler  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodSetBinding  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodSetBinding  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodSetCurrentValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodSetResourceReference  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodSetValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodSetValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodShouldSerializeCommandBindings  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodShouldSerializeGroupStyle  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public methodShouldSerializeInputBindings  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodShouldSerializeItems  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public methodShouldSerializeResources  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodShouldSerializeStyle  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodShouldSerializeTriggers  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodToString  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
public methodTransformToAncestor  (Inherited from Visual)
public methodTransformToAncestor  (Inherited from Visual)
public methodTransformToDescendant  (Inherited from Visual)
public methodTransformToVisual  (Inherited from Visual)
public methodTranslatePoint  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodTryFindResource  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodUnregisterName  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public methodUpdateLayout  (Inherited from UIElement)
public methodVerifyAccess  (Inherited from DispatcherObject)

  Name Description
protected method AddChild  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method AddText  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method AddVisualChild  (Inherited from Visual)
protected method ArrangeCore  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method ArrangeOverride  (Inherited from Control)
protected method ClearContainerForItemOverride  (Inherited from Selector)
protected method Finalize  (Inherited from Object)
protected method GetContainerForItemOverride Overridden. Creates or identifies the element that is used to display the given item.
protected method GetLayoutClip  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method GetVisualChild  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method HitTestCore  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method HitTestCore  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method IsItemItsOwnContainerOverride Overridden. Determines if the specified item is (or is eligible to be) its own container.
protected method MeasureCore  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method MeasureOverride  (Inherited from Control)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (Inherited from Object)
protected method OnAccessKey  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnAlternationCountChanged  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnChildDesiredSizeChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnContextMenuClosing  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnContextMenuOpening  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnCreateAutomationPeer Overridden. Returns a class-specific AutomationPeer object.
protected method OnDisplayMemberPathChanged  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnDragEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnDragLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnDragOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnDrop  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGiveFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGotFocus  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnGotKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGotMouseCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGotStylusCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGotTouchCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGroupStyleSelectorChanged  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnInitialized  (Inherited from Selector)
protected method OnIsKeyboardFocusedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsKeyboardFocusWithinChanged  (Inherited from Selector)
protected method OnIsMouseCapturedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsMouseCaptureWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsMouseDirectlyOverChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsStylusCapturedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsStylusCaptureWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnIsStylusDirectlyOverChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnItemBindingGroupChanged  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnItemContainerStyleChanged  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnItemContainerStyleSelectorChanged  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnItemsChanged Overridden. Called when the Items property changes.
protected method OnItemsPanelChanged  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnItemsSourceChanged Overridden. Called when the ItemsSource property changes.
protected method OnItemStringFormatChanged  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnItemTemplateChanged  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnItemTemplateSelectorChanged  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnKeyDown  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnKeyUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnLostFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnLostKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnLostMouseCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnLostStylusCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnLostTouchCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationBoundaryFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationCompleted  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationDelta  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationInertiaStarting  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationStarted  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnManipulationStarting  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseDoubleClick  (Inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseLeftButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseLeftButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseRightButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseRightButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnMouseWheel  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewDragEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewDragLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewDragOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewDrop  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewGiveFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewGotKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewKeyDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewKeyUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewLostKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseDoubleClick  (Inherited from Control)
protected method OnPreviewMouseDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseLeftButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseRightButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseRightButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewMouseWheel  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewQueryContinueDrag  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusInAirMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusInRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusOutOfRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusSystemGesture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewStylusUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewTextInput  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewTouchDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewTouchMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPreviewTouchUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnPropertyChanged  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnQueryContinueDrag  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnQueryCursor  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnRender  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnSelectionChanged Overridden. Called when the selection changes.
protected method OnStylusButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusInAirMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusInRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusOutOfRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusSystemGesture  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnStylusUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnTemplateChanged  (Inherited from Control)
protected method OnTextInput  (Inherited from ItemsControl)
protected method OnToolTipClosing  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnToolTipOpening  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method OnTouchDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnTouchEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnTouchLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnTouchMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnTouchUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
protected method PrepareContainerForItemOverride  (Inherited from Selector)
protected method RemoveVisualChild  (Inherited from Visual)
protected method ShouldApplyItemContainerStyle  (Inherited from ItemsControl)

  Name Description
public event ContextMenuClosing  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event ContextMenuOpening  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event DataContextChanged  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event DragEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event DragLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event DragOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event Drop  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event FocusableChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GiveFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GotFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GotKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GotMouseCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GotStylusCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event GotTouchCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event Initialized  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event IsEnabledChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsHitTestVisibleChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsKeyboardFocusedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsKeyboardFocusWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsMouseCapturedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsMouseCaptureWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsMouseDirectlyOverChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsStylusCapturedChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsStylusCaptureWithinChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsStylusDirectlyOverChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event IsVisibleChanged  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event KeyDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event KeyUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event LayoutUpdated  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event Loaded  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event LostFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event LostKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event LostMouseCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event LostStylusCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event LostTouchCapture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationBoundaryFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationCompleted  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationDelta  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationInertiaStarting  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationStarted  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ManipulationStarting  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseDoubleClick  (Inherited from Control)
public event MouseDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeftButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeftButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseRightButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseRightButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseWheel  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewDragEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewDragLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewDragOver  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewDrop  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewGiveFeedback  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewGotKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewKeyDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewKeyUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewLostKeyboardFocus  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseDoubleClick  (Inherited from Control)
public event PreviewMouseDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseLeftButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseLeftButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseRightButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseRightButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewMouseWheel  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewQueryContinueDrag  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusInAirMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusInRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusOutOfRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusSystemGesture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewStylusUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewTextInput  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewTouchDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewTouchMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event PreviewTouchUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event QueryContinueDrag  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event QueryCursor  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event RequestBringIntoView  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event SelectionChanged  (Inherited from Selector)
public event SizeChanged  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event SourceUpdated  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event StylusButtonDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusButtonUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusInAirMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusInRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusOutOfRange  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusSystemGesture  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event StylusUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event TargetUpdated  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event TextInput  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event ToolTipClosing  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event ToolTipOpening  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event TouchDown  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event TouchEnter  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event TouchLeave  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event TouchMove  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event TouchUp  (Inherited from UIElement)
public event Unloaded  (Inherited from FrameworkElement)

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