Microsoft.Surface Namespace

Provides classes that expose application-level events and system-level functionality to Microsoft Surface applications.

ApplicationServicesProvides application-level events and functionality related to the state of Microsoft Surface applications.
ApplicationServicesExceptionAn ApplicationServicesException exception is thrown if an application calls one of the ActivateApplication(String) methods and the application is not currently connected to the Microsoft Surface Shell.
GlobalizationSettingsProvides globalization settings for Microsoft Surface.
SessionEndedEventArgsDefines the arguments that are passed to SessionEnded event handlers.
SurfaceEnvironmentProvides information about the availability of Microsoft Surface features, such as Surface Shell (which runs on devices made for Surface), and Surface input.
SurfaceKeyboardProvides control of the Microsoft Surface on-screen keyboard to Surface applications that are running in Surface Shell on a device made for Surface.
UserNotificationsProvides the events and methods that a Microsoft Surface application running on a device made for Surface uses to display notifications to users.
WindowAvailabilityChangedEventArgsDefines the arguments that are passed to the WindowInteractive, WindowNoninteractive, and WindowUnavailable events to provide information about the previous and current states of the application window.

KeyboardLayoutSpecifies the supported keyboard layouts for the Microsoft Surface on-screen keyboard.
ShutdownReasonSpecifies the reason why an application is being shut down.
UserOrientationRepresents the orientation of an application according to the long sides of the Microsoft Surface display.
WindowAvailabilityRepresents the state of the application window: unavailable, visible to the user but non-interactive, or visible to the user and interactive.

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