SqlCeScripter Class

Visual Studio 2010

Represents a class exposing the scripting feature.


Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Management.Scripting
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Management.Scripting (in Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Management.Scripting.dll)

type SqlCeScripter =  class end

The SqlCeScripter type exposes the following members.

Public methodSqlCeScripterInitializes a new instance of the SqlCeScripter class with the specified source database.

Public propertyDestinationGets or sets the destination database for which the schema and data is to be scripted.
Public propertyIndexListGets or sets the index list.
Public propertyObjectListGets or sets the list of objects that needs to be scripted out.
Public propertyOptionsGets or sets the options that determine the style, requirement and details for the output script that will be generated.
Public propertyScriptObjectsGets or sets a value that indicates whether the given objects or the complete database needs to script out.
Public propertySourceGets the source database from which the schema and data needs to be scripted.

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Public methodScriptRetrieves the scripts from the Transact-SQL statements.
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