IDataDestination Interface

Visual Studio 2010

Defines properties and methods that represent the data destination.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Management.Scripting
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Management.Scripting (in Microsoft.SqlServerCe.Management.Scripting.dll)

public interface IDataDestination : IDatabase

The IDataDestination type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConnectionGets the connection used to communicate to the database. (inherited from IDatabase)
Public propertyDatabaseNameGets the name of the database used. (inherited from IDatabase)
Public propertyIsOfflineGets a value that indicates whether the destination connection is not available.
Public propertyTypeGets the type of the database used. (inherited from IDatabase)

Public methodInitScriptingHelper API that asks the destination instance to be prepared for the script requests coming.
Public methodResetScriptingHelper API to bring the destination instance to a valid state to start a new session, if required.
Public methodScriptConstraintsRetrieves a script for all the constraints in the given schema.
Public methodScriptDataRetrieves script for the table data insertion passed as an argument.
Public methodScriptDatabaseRetrieves script for the database.
Public methodScriptIndexesRetrieves a script for all the indexes in the given schema.
Public methodScriptTablesRetrieves script for all the tables in the given schema.