Microsoft.SqlServer.XEvent.Linq Namespace

Contains classes related to reading SQL Server Extended Events files and streaming data.

  Class Description
Public class EventEnumerationException Represents an error that may occur during enumeration from an IEventProvider<T>.
Public class EventFileInvalidException The exception that is thrown when an I/O error occurs reading a file.
Public class EventFileIOException Represents the exception that is thrown when an I/O error occurs reading a file.
Public class EventLocationException Represents an exception that is thrown when a location cannot be found.
Public class EventLocator Provides specific event location token.
Public class EventStreamException The exception that is thrown when an error is encountered in a streaming source.
Public class EventStreamVersionException The exception that is thrown if the event stream is from an incompatible version.
Public class PublishedAction An instance of an action from an extended event session. Use this object to obtain action data and metadata about the action object.
Public class PublishedEvent An instance of an event from an event source. Use this object to obtain field and action data as well as metadata about the event object.
Public class PublishedEvent.ActionList Represents an array of actions containing the native data of the published action.
Public class PublishedEvent.FieldList Exposes an enumerator over the event fields.
Public class PublishedEventField Represents an instance of an event field. This object holds the data for the event column
Public class QueryableXEventData Represents the main entry point for querying extended events data sources.
Public class TypeNotMappedException The exception that is thrown when an event object contains a data type that the QueryableXEvent cannot translate.
Public class XEventException The exception that is thrown for the QueryableXEvent sources.
Public class XEventFileSerializer Represents the serialize events from PublishedEvent object into file.

  Interface Description
Public interface IEventProvider<T> Defines methods to enumerate, retrieve and locate published event data.
Public interface IEventSerializer Serializes PublishedEvent objects into extended event files.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration EventStreamCacheOptions One of the enumeration values that specifies the cache options of the event stream.
Public enumeration EventStreamSourceOptions Specifies the options for the source of the event stream.

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