SqlGeometry.STMLineFromWKB Method (SqlBytes, Int32)


Returns a SqlGeometry MultiLineString instance from an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Well-Known Binary (WKB) representation.

Namespace:   Microsoft.SqlServer.Types
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Types (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.dll)

[<SqlMethodAttribute(IsDeterministic = true, IsPrecise = true)>]
static member STMLineFromWKB : 
        wkbMultiLineString:SqlBytes *
        srid:int -> SqlGeometry


Type: System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlBytes

The WKB representation of the SqlGeometryMultiLineString instance to return.

Type: System.Int32

An int expression that represents the spatial reference ID (SRID) of the SqlGeometryMultiLineString instance to return.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.SqlServer.Types.SqlGeometry

A SqlGeometry object constructed from the specified WKB representation.

This method will throw a FormatException if the input is not well-formatted.

This member is static.

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