TransArticle Class

Represents an article in a transactional publication.

Namespace: Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.Rmo (in microsoft.sqlserver.rmo.dll)

public sealed class TransArticle : Article
public final class TransArticle extends Article
public final class TransArticle extends Article

This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 2.0 of the .NET Framework.

// Define the Publisher, publication, and article names.
string publisherName = publisherInstance;
string publicationName = "AdvWorksProductTran";
string publicationDbName = "AdventureWorks";
string articleName = "Product";
string schemaOwner = "Production";

TransArticle article;

// Create a connection to the Publisher.
ServerConnection conn = new ServerConnection(publisherName);

// Create a filtered transactional articles in the following steps:
// 1) Create the  article with a horizontal filter clause.
// 2) Add columns to or remove columns from the article.
    // Connect to the Publisher.

    // Define a horizontally filtered, log-based table article.
    article = new TransArticle();
    article.ConnectionContext = conn;
    article.Name = articleName;
    article.DatabaseName = publicationDbName;
    article.SourceObjectName = articleName;
    article.SourceObjectOwner = schemaOwner;
    article.PublicationName = publicationName;
    article.Type = ArticleOptions.LogBased;
    article.FilterClause = "DiscontinuedDate IS NULL";

    // Ensure that we create the schema owner at the Subscriber.
    article.SchemaOption |= CreationScriptOptions.Schema;

    if (!article.IsExistingObject)
        // Create the article.
        throw new ApplicationException(String.Format(
            "The article {0} already exists in publication {1}.",
            articleName, publicationName));

    // Create an array of column names to remove from the article.
    String[] columns = new String[1];
    columns[0] = "DaysToManufacture";

    // Remove the column from the article.
catch (Exception ex)
    // Implement appropriate error handling here.
    throw new ApplicationException("The article could not be created.", ex);

Any public static (Shared in Microsoft Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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