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Login Property
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IProcessSecurityContext.Login Property

Gets or sets the name of the Microsoft Windows security account.

Namespace: Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.Rmo (in microsoft.sqlserver.rmo.dll)

string Login { get; set; }
/** @property */
String get_Login ()

/** @property */
void set_Login (String value)

function get Login () : String

function set Login (value : String)

Property Value

A String value.

The Windows account must have sufficient privileges on the computer to start the replication agent. For more information, see Replication Agent Security Model.

This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Any public static (Shared in Microsoft Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

Development Platforms

For a list of the supported platforms, see Hardware and Software Requirements for Installing SQL Server 2005.

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