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Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.ConnectionDlg Namespace

The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.ConnectionDlg namespace contains classes that represent objects used in the SQL Server connection dialog box. 

Public classAdvancedViewHelpKeyWordAttributeDisplays the advanced view of the context keyword for a class or member.
Public classAuthenticationInfoAbstracts the authentication components of the connection.
Public classAuthenticationInfoCollectionRepresents a table that contains the authentication labels that are used to populate the simple view of the connection dialog box.
Public classBrowseServersFormDisplays a Form object for browsing the servers.
Public classConnectionDialogContains methods that are used to define the behavior of the connection dialog box in SQL Server. The connection dialog box is used to connect to instances of SQL Server in tools such as SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Profiler.
Public classConnectionDialogExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown by the connection dialog box.
Public classConnectionErrorEventArgsOccurs when an error occurred during connection.
Public classConnectorEventArgsHandles the connection event. Persists history using current settings from the UI controls.
Public classDtsConnectionPropertiesRepresents the characteristics of a Data Transformation Services (DTS) connection.
Public classDtsServerTypeDisplays the description for the Data Transformation Services (DTS) server type and its properties.
Public classHelpKeyWordAttributeSpecifies the context keyword for a class or member. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classOlapConnectionPropertiesRepresents the summary description for OlapConnectionProperties.
Public classOlapServerTypeImplements the interfaces for the connection dialog box for the Analysis Server connections.
Public classPasswordExpiredExceptionRepresents an exception that is thrown when a password to the connection dialog box has expired.
Public classRegisterServerHelpKeyWordAttributeRepresents the registered keyword to use for the attribute in the class.
Public classRSTypeImplements the IServerType for the connection dialog box.
Public classServerNameHelperRepresents the utility functions that can be handy for UI applications.
Public classSpinnerBoxRepresents the SpinnerBox and its properties.
Public classSqlCeConnectionPropertiesDisplays the descriptions for the SQLCeConnectionProperties.
Public classSqlConnectionPropertiesDisplays the description for SqlConnectionProperties.
Public classSqlServerCeTypeImplements the connection dialog box interfaces for SQL Server Compact 3.5 server type connections.
Public classSqlServerTypeImplements the connection dialog interfaces for Database Engine server type connections.
Public classUIConnectionInfoUtilRepresents the utility functions for working with UIConnectionInfo objects.
Public classUIConnectionInfoUtil.NewConnectionFromQEEventArgsRepresents parameters for NewConnectionFromQE event that will be fired by QE part of SQL workbench when it establishes a new connection.

Public interfaceIConnectionValidatorAllows extra connection validation.
Public interfaceIPropertyPageDefines a method that displays the property page in the connection dialog box.
Public interfaceIPropertyPage2Defines a method that displays the property page in the connection dialog box.
Public interfaceIServerTypeRepresents the core interface that every entry in the connection dialog box must implement. Describes all major characteristics of the server type.
Public interfaceIServerType2Represents the extra interface that can be implemented by a server type to fine-tune the behavior of the dialog box.
Public interfaceIServerTypeConnectionRepresents the extra interface that provides the functionality for creating a closed connection object.

Public delegateConnectionErrorEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the error event of a ConnectionDlg.
Public delegateConnectorEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle an event of a connection.
Public delegateUIConnectionInfoUtil.NewConnectionFromQEEventHandlerRepresents a prototype of NewConnectionFromQE event that will be fired by QE part of SQL workbench when it establishes a new connection.
Public delegateVerifyConnectionDelegateRepresents a delegate that is used to open live connection and thus verify connection info collected by the dialog.

Public enumerationConnectionDialog.ViewModeRepresents the view mode of the ConnectionDlg class.
Public enumerationConnectionDialog.ViewStatesEnumerates the view states of the connection dialog box.
Public enumerationSecurityDescriptorControlFlagsEnumerates values for security descriptor control flags for the ConnectionDlg class.
Public enumerationServiceSidTypeRepresents the type of service security identifier.

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