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Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.TaskForms Namespace

Forms a base class for SQL Server Management Studio forms.

  Class Description
Public class SwitcherViewAdapter Represents the component property of the SwitcherViewAdapter.
Public class TaskCancelableEventArgs Provides data for the TaskCancelable event.
Public class TaskExecutionContext Manages the execution context for the current task.
Public class TaskExecutionLogEntryEventArgs Provides data for the [TaskExecutionLogEntryEventArgs] event.
Public class TaskFormNotFoundException Represents the exception message that occurs during the application execution.
Public class TaskPerformedEventArgs Represents an event that has been executed.
Public class TaskPerformingEventArgs Represents the event that is performing a task.
Public class TasksPerformedEventArgs Performs the base class for the class containing data.
Public class TasksPerformingEventArgs Provides data for the [TasksPerformingEventArgs] event.
Public class ValueChangedEventArgs<T> Provides data for the [ValueChangedEventArgs] event.
Public class ValueChangingEventArgs<T> Provides data for the [ValueChangingEventArgs] event.

  Interface Description
Public interface IBackgroundOperationContext Provides access to the execution context of a service method.
Public interface IController Represents the control that manages the TaskForms object.
Public interface IRunningTaskFormsService Represents the RunningTaskForms object that hosts a service.
Public interface ISimpleWorkItem Represents the work item that doesn't require any additional user input except context it is executed in.
Public interface ISimpleWorkItemAsyncState Represents a target state that changes asynchronously as a result of execution of a simple work item.
Public interface ISimpleWorkItemAsyncStateWatcher Represents an object that watches async states defined by simple work items.
Public interface ISqlWizardController Represents the responsible for creation of a wizard.
Public interface ISqlWizardInfo Represents the information used to launch a wizard.
Public interface ISqlWizardManager Represents the task interface for SQL Wizards.
Public interface ITaskComponent Provides functionality that is required by the components.
Public interface ITaskDataProvider Represents the DataProvider of the component property.
Public interface ITaskExecutionManager Provides a collection of the tasks to manage during the task execution.
Public interface ITaskFormBackgroundWorker Represents the worker thread that performs the background operation.
Public interface ITaskFormComponentInfo Displays the information of the current TaskFormComponent object.
Public interface ITaskFormHelpTarget Defines a method that executes the Help command in the form.
Public interface ITaskFormInfo Displays the form information of the interface.
Public interface ITaskFormManager Provides the class to manage the task form manager.
Public interface ITaskFormManagerHost Defines a method that represents the Host of the class.
Public interface ITaskFormState Displays the current status of the TaskForm.
Public interface ITaskManager Displays the current property of the TaskManager.
Public interface ITaskValidationManager Defines a method that shows the collection of tasks in the manager to be validated.
Public interface ITaskValidator Displays the collection of task components.
Public interface IUIManager Enables interaction with the user interface of the development environment object.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate BackgroundOperationDelegate Represents a delegate, which is a data structure that refers to a static method or to a class instance and an instance method of that class.
Public delegate TaskCancelableEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the TaskCancelable event of a TaskCancelableEventHandler.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SimpleWorkItemState Enumerates the simple work item state.
Public enumeration TaskManagerState Enumerates the current state of TaskForms.

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