Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.TaskForms Namespace

Forms a base class for SQL Server Management Studio forms.

Public classSwitcherViewAdapterRepresents the component property of the SwitcherViewAdapter.
Public classTaskExecutionContextManages the execution context for the current task.
Public classTaskExecutionLogEntryEventArgsProvides data for the [TaskExecutionLogEntryEventArgs] event.
Public classTaskFormNotFoundExceptionRepresents the exception message that occurs during the application execution.
Public classTaskPerformedEventArgsRepresents an event that has been executed.
Public classTaskPerformingEventArgsRepresents the event that is performing a task.
Public classTasksPerformedEventArgsPerforms the base class for the class containing data.
Public classTasksPerformingEventArgsProvides data for the [TasksPerformingEventArgs] event.
Public classValueChangedEventArgs<T>Provides data for the [ValueChangedEventArgs] event.
Public classValueChangingEventArgs<T>Provides data for the [ValueChangingEventArgs] event.

Public interfaceIBackgroundOperationContextProvides access to the execution context of a service method.
Public interfaceIControllerRepresents the control that manages the TaskForms object.
Public interfaceIRunningTaskFormsServiceRepresents the RunningTaskForms object that hosts a service.
Public interfaceITaskComponentProvides functionality that is required by the components.
Public interfaceITaskDataProviderRepresents the DataProvider of the component property.
Public interfaceITaskExecutionManagerProvides a collection of the tasks to manage during the task execution.
Public interfaceITaskFormBackgroundWorkerRepresents the worker thread that performs the background operation.
Public interfaceITaskFormComponentInfoDisplays the information of the current TaskFormComponent object.
Public interfaceITaskFormHelpTargetDefines a method that executes the Help command in the form.
Public interfaceITaskFormInfoDisplays the form information of the interface.
Public interfaceITaskFormManagerProvides the class to manage the task form manager.
Public interfaceITaskFormManagerHostDefines a method that represents the Host of the class.
Public interfaceITaskFormStateDisplays the current status of the TaskForm.
Public interfaceITaskManagerDisplays the current property of the TaskManager.
Public interfaceITaskValidationManagerDefines a method that shows the collection of tasks in the manager to be validated.
Public interfaceITaskValidatorDisplays the collection of task components.
Public interfaceIUIManagerEnables interaction with the user interface of the development environment object.

Public delegateBackgroundOperationDelegateRepresents a delegate, which is a data structure that refers to a static method or to a class instance and an instance method of that class.

Public enumerationTaskManagerStateEnumerates the current state of TaskForms.

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