XPathExceptionCode Enumeration

Namespace: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Smo
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoEnum (in microsoft.sqlserver.smoenum.dll)

public enum XPathExceptionCode
public enum XPathExceptionCode
public enum XPathExceptionCode

Member name Description
BadContextThe context is not valid.
BadQueryObjectThe query object is not valid.
BooleanExpectedA Boolean value was expected.
ConstantExpectedA constant value was expected.
ExpressionExpectedAn expression was expected.
FunctionExpectedA function was expected.
InvalidArgumentAn argument that is not valid was supplied.
InvalidDataRecordFilterThe data record filter is not valid.
InvalidNameThe name is not valid.
InvalidNodeTypeThe node type is not valid.
InvalidNumArgsThe number of arguments is not valid.
InvalidPatternThe pattern is not valid.
InvalidPrefixThe prefix is not valid.
InvalidTokenThe token is not valid.
InvalidVariableThe variable is not valid.
MovedFromSelectionThe item was moved from the selection.
NodeSetExpectedA node set was expected.
NodeTestExpectedA node test was expected.
NoSelectedSetNo set was selected.
NotSupportedThe operation is not supported.
NoXPathActiveThere is no active Xpath.
NumberExpectedA number was expected.
QueryExpectedA query was expected.
TestExpectedA test was expected.
TokenExpectedA token was expected.
UnclosedStringA string was unclosed.
UndefinedXsltContextThe XSLT content was undefined.
UnknownMethodThe method is unknown.

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