SubscriptionConditionScheduledRule Class

Describes a scheduled rule that uses condition actions to generate notifications.

Namespace: Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Nmo
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.Smo (in microsoft.sqlserver.smo.dll)

public sealed class SubscriptionConditionScheduledRule : NamedSmoObject
public final class SubscriptionConditionScheduledRule extends NamedSmoObject
public final class SubscriptionConditionScheduledRule extends NamedSmoObject

A SubscriptionConditionScheduledRule object is a subscription rule that runs during each generator quantum that has subscriptions to process, and runs against scheduled subscriptions that use conditions.

A SubscriptionClass object can have zero or more SubscriptionConditionScheduledRule objects. A SubscriptionClass object can also use the following types of subscription rules: SubscriptionConditionEventRule, SubscriptionEventRule, and SubscriptionScheduledRule.

For more information about subscription rules, see Defining Subscription Rules.

Add individual SubscriptionConditionScheduledRule objects to a SubscriptionClass object using the SubscriptionConditionScheduledRules property, which returns a SubscriptionConditionScheduledRuleCollection object.

The following examples show how to define a condition-based, scheduled subscription rule and add it to a subscription class:

// Add a rule to generate condition-based, scheduled notifications
SubscriptionConditionScheduledRule flightConditionScheduledRule = 
    new SubscriptionConditionScheduledRule(
    flightSubscriptions, "FlightConditionScheduledRule");
flightConditionScheduledRule.ActionTimeout = 
    new TimeSpan(0, 2, 0);
flightConditionScheduledRule.SqlLoginName = "MyLowPrivLogin";
flightConditionScheduledRule.SqlUserName = "MyLowPrivUser";
flightConditionScheduledRule.InputTypeName = "FlightEventChronicle";
flightConditionScheduledRule.InputTypeSchema = "MyAppSchema";
flightConditionScheduledRule.SqlExpression =
    "INSERT INTO MyAppSchema.FlightNotifications (SubscriberId, " +
    "DeviceName, SubscriberLocale, LeavingFrom, GoingTo, Price) " +
    "SELECT [Subscription.SubscriberId], " +
    "[Subscription.DeviceName], [Subscription.SubscriberLocale], " +
    "[Input.LeavingFrom], [Input.GoingTo], [Input.Price] " +
    "FROM MyAppSchema.FlightConditionScheduledRule;";

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