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ExpressionNode Class
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ExpressionNode Class

The ExpressionNode object represents a policy-based management expression node. The expression node describes part of an expression, such as a constant value, an operator, or a function.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Dmf
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dmf (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Dmf.dll)

[StrongNameIdentityPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.InheritanceDemand, PublicKey = "0024000004800000940000000602000000240000525341310004000001000100272736ad6e5f9586bac2d531eabc3acc666c2f8ec879fa94f8f7b0327d2ff2ed523448f83c3d5c5dd2dfc7bc99c5286b2c125117bf5cbe242b9d41750732b2bdffe649c6efb8e5526d526fdd130095ecdb7bf210809c6cdad8824faa9ac0310ac3cba2aa0523567b2dfa7fe250b30facbd62d4ec99b94ac47c7d3b28f1f6e4c8")]
[StrongNameIdentityPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.LinkDemand, PublicKey = "0024000004800000940000000602000000240000525341310004000001000100272736ad6e5f9586bac2d531eabc3acc666c2f8ec879fa94f8f7b0327d2ff2ed523448f83c3d5c5dd2dfc7bc99c5286b2c125117bf5cbe242b9d41750732b2bdffe649c6efb8e5526d526fdd130095ecdb7bf210809c6cdad8824faa9ac0310ac3cba2aa0523567b2dfa7fe250b30facbd62d4ec99b94ac47c7d3b28f1f6e4c8")]
public abstract class ExpressionNode

The ExpressionNode type exposes the following members.

Protected methodExpressionNodeInitializes a new instance of the ExpressionNode class.

Protected propertyLastEvaluationResultGets or sets the result of the last evaluation.
Public propertyTagGets the tag text that is associated with the expression node.
Public propertyTypeGets the type of expression node.
Public propertyTypeClassGets the class type when the expression node represents a constant value or a variable.

Public methodStatic memberConstructNodeCreates a new expression node.
Public methodStatic memberConvertFromFilterNode(FilterNode)Creates a new expression node by converting a filter node.
Public methodStatic memberConvertFromFilterNode(FilterNode, Type)Creates a new expression node by converting a filter node.
Protected methodStatic memberConvertFromStringConverts a type from a string value.
Public methodConvertToFilterNodeCreates a filter node by converting the expression node.
Protected methodStatic memberConvertToIntWithCheckConverts the specified string to an integer.
Protected methodStatic memberConvertToStringConverts a type to a string value.
Public methodDeepCloneCreates a copy of the referenced object. This includes all its properties.
Public methodStatic memberDeserialize(String)Deserializes an expression node from a string.
Public methodStatic memberDeserialize(XmlReader)Deserializes an expression node from an XML reader.
Protected methodDeserializePropertiesDeserializes the properties in the expression from an XML reader.
Protected methodDeserializeResultDeserializes the property results in the expression from an XML reader.
Public methodStatic memberDeserializeWithResultDeserializes the expression node from a text string.
Protected methodDoConvertToFilterNodeAllows the conversion of expression node to filter mode.
Protected methodDoEnumAttributesDeserializes the expression node from a list of text strings.
Public methodEnumChildrenReturns an enumerated list of dependent expression nodes.
Protected methodEqualPropertiesDetermines whether the properties of the specified object are equal to the properties of the current expression node.
Public methodEqualsReturns a Boolean value that specifies whether the referenced expression node object is equal to the specified object. (Overrides Object.Equals(Object).)
Public methodEvaluate(FacetEvaluationContext)Evaluates the expression node with the given facet context.
Public methodEvaluate(FacetEvaluationContext, Boolean)Evaluates the expression node with the given facet context and checks the script as a proxy.
Protected methodFinalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodGetHashCodeGets the hash code for the object. (Overrides Object.GetHashCode().)
Public methodGetResultGets the result that is returned when an expression is deserialized.
Public methodGetResultStringGets the result in string format that is returned when an expression is deserialized.
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodStatic memberMatchType<T>Indicates the type of match to be used in the node.
Protected methodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodStatic memberMoveToElementWithCheckMoves the reader to the element with check.
Public methodStatic memberParse(String)Parses the specified expression string.
Public methodStatic memberParse(String, Type)Parses the specified string.
Protected methodStatic memberReadElementWithCheckReads a named serialized element using the XML Reader and returns the value.
Protected methodReadEndElementReads the end element in the expression node.
Protected methodStatic memberReadNodeWithCheckReads the specified node with a checkmark.
Protected methodStatic memberReadSimpleNodeWithCheckReads the specified elements, evaluated with the given expression node type, and read with the specified XML reader.
Protected methodStatic memberReadWithCheckReads the expression node using the XML Reader.
Protected methodStatic memberResolveEnumResolves the enumeration conflicts encountered during the process.
Public methodSerializeSerializes the expression node to the specified XML Writer.
Public methodStatic memberSerializeNodeSerializes the expression node to a text string.
Public methodStatic memberSerializeNodeWithResultSerializes the expression node to a text string.
Protected methodSerializePropertiesSerializes the properties in the expression to an XML writer.
Protected methodSerializeResultSerializes the result in the expression node.
Protected methodSetFilterNodeCompatibleSets the compatible filter node of the Boolean property.
Protected methodSetHasScriptSets the Boolean value for the HasScript property.
Protected methodSetNameConditionTypeSets the name of the condition type property.
Protected methodSetNodeTypeIndicates the type of node to be set.
Protected methodSetObjectNameSets the name of the expression node.
Protected methodSetPropertiesSets property values.
Protected methodSetTypeClassSets type class for the expression node.
Public methodToStringReturns the referenced object in string format. (Overrides Object.ToString().)
Public methodToStringForDisplayReturns the referenced object in string format for display.
Public methodToStringForUrnReturns the referenced object in URN format.

The expression node represents the conditional state that is applied to the facet. For example, if the facet is Database Mail, then the expression could be "is installed" or "is not installed". There are different types of expression that are individually represented using the Type() property and each of these are represented in more detail with specific types, such as ExpressionNodeFunction or ExpressionNodeConstant.

Using the ExpressionNode object you can:

  • Create, modify, or delete an expression node that applies to the facet on a target object.

  • Parse the expression string to create a valid expression for the facet.

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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