DmfExceptionType Enumeration

The DmfExceptionType enumeration contains values that are used to specify the policy-based management exception types.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Dmf
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dmf (in Microsoft.SqlServer.Dmf.dll)

public enum DmfExceptionType

Member nameDescription
DmfExceptionA policy-based management exception occurred.
AssemblyAlreadyRegisteredThe assembly has already been registered.
AdapterAlreadyExistsThe adapter already exists.
AdapterWrongNumberOfArgumentsThe adapter has the incorrect number of arguments.
ExpressionTypeMistmatchThe expression types do not match.
OperatorNotApplicableThe operator is not applicable.
FunctionWrongArgumentTypeThe argument is not of the correct type.
FunctionWrongArgumentsNumberThe wrong number of arguments have been supplied for the function.
NullFacetThe facet is null.
ExpressionSerializationAn error occurred during the serialization of an expression.
TypeConversionAn error occurred during the type conversion.
UnsupportedTypeThe type is unsupported.
BadExpressionTreeThe expression tree is incorrect.
UnsupportedObjectTypeThe object type is not supported.
ExpressionNodeNotConfigurableThe expression node is not configurable.
ConversionNotSupportedThe conversion is not supported.
InvalidOperandThe operand is not valid.
InvalidInOperatorThe operator is not valid.
DmfSecurityA policy-based management security error occurred.
ObjectValidationAn error occurred during object validation.
ConflictingPropertyValuesThe property values conflict.
ObjectAlreadyExistsThe object already exists.
MissingObjectThe object is missing.
PolicyEvaluationThe policy evaluation failed.
MissingJobScheduleThe job schedule is missing.
BadEventDataThe event data is incorrect.
FailedOperationThe operation failed.
ExpressionNodeNotConfigurableOperatorThe expression node is not configurable by the specified operator.
NonConfigurableReadOnlyPropertyThe property is read-only.
MissingPropertyThe property is missing.
NonRetrievablePropertyThe property cannot be retrieved.
MissingTypeFacetAssociationThe type facet association is missing.
FunctionWrongReturnTypeThe return type is incorrect for the function.
FunctionNoServerNo server is specified.
FunctionNotASmoObjectThe function is not an SMO object.
FunctionBadDatePartThe date is incorrect.
FunctionTooManyColumnsThere are too many columns in the function.
StringPropertyTooLongThe string is too long.
TargetSetCountMismatchThe target set count mismatch.
UnsupportedTargetSetForFacetThe target set is not supported for this facet.
NoTargetSetEnabledNo target set is enabled.
RestartPendingA restart is pending.

The DmfExceptionType enumeration class is served by all the policy-based management exception types.

This namespace, class, or member is supported only in version 2.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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