NetworkProtocol Enumeration

Contains values that are used to specify network protocols used on the network where the referenced connection is established.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Common
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo (in Microsoft.SqlServer.ConnectionInfo.dll)

public enum NetworkProtocol

Member nameDescription
AppleTalkAppleTalk network protocol.
BanyanVinesBanyan Vines network protocol.
MultiprotocolMultiprotocol network protocol.
NamedPipesNamed pipes network protocol.
NotSpecifiedNetwork protocol is not specified.
NWLinkIpxSpxNWLink IPX/SPX network protocol.
SharedMemoryShared memory.
TcpIpTCP/IP network protocol.
ViaVIA network protocol.

The NetworkProtocol class is served by the ConnectionProtocol property and the NetworkProtocol property.

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