MQStringMessageCompare Enumeration

Contains values that control the method of comparison that is used by the Message Queue task when the Message Queue task is receiving a message. To receive a message, the TaskType must be set to DTSMQType_Receiver, and the message type must be set to DTSMQMessageType_String.

Namespace: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Tasks.MessageQueueTask
Assembly: Microsoft.SqlServer.MSMQTask (in microsoft.sqlserver.msmqtask.dll)

public enum MQStringMessageCompare : long
public enum MQStringMessageCompare
public enum MQStringMessageCompare

Member nameDescription
DTSMQStringMessageCompare_ContainsSpecifies that the message content must contain the string in the StringCompareValue.
DTSMQStringMessageCompare_ExactSpecifies that the message content must exactly match the string in the StringCompareValue.
DTSMQStringMessageCompare_IgnoreCaseSpecifies whether the comparison distinguishes between uppercase and lowercase letters. When this enumeration value is used, the string comparison ignores case. For example, "ABC" is identical to "abc".
DTSMQStringMessageCompare_NoneSpecifies that no comparison is done.

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