Variable.Name Property


Gets or sets the name of the variable.

Namespace:   Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS (in Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS.dll)

Public Property Name As String

Property Value

Type: System.String

A String that contains the name of the variable.



The following example creates a package, adds a ForEachLoop, and adds a variable to the Variables collection of the ForEachLoop. It then retrieves and sets properties on the variable and displays them for viewing, including the Name.

Shared Sub Main(ByVal args() As String) 
    Dim p As New Package()
    ' Add a sequence to the package executables collection
    Dim seq As Sequence = CType(p.Executables.Add("STOCK:SEQUENCE"), Sequence)
    ' Add a ForEachLoop to the Sequence
    Dim feLoop As ForEachLoop = CType(seq.Executables.Add("STOCK:FOREACHLOOP"), ForEachLoop)

    ' Add a variable, v, to the variable collection
    ' of the ForEach loop.
    Dim v As Variable = feLoop.Variables.Add("v", False, "global", 100)

    '  Get and set different variable properties
    ' Creation Name (read-only)
    Dim createName As String = v.CreationName

    ' Description (read/write)
    v.Description = "my new v Description"
    Dim vDesc As String = v.Description

    ' ID (read-only)
    Dim vID As String = v.ID

    ' Name (read/write)
    Dim oldName As String = v.Name
    v.Name = "my_new_V_name"
    Dim newName As String = v.Name

    ' Namespace (read/write)
    Dim oldNamespace As String = v.Namespace
    v.Namespace = "my_new_v_Namespace"
    Dim newNamespace As String = v.Namespace

    ' Properties (read-only)
    Dim pmCount As Integer = v.Properties.Count

    ' Qualified Name (read-only)
    Dim QName As String = v.QualifiedName

    ' RaiseChangedEvent (read/write)
    Dim oldraiseChEvt As [Boolean] = v.RaiseChangedEvent
    v.RaiseChangedEvent = True
    Dim raiseChangedEvent As [Boolean] = v.RaiseChangedEvent

    ' Read-only (read/write)
    Dim vReadOnly As [Boolean] = v.ReadOnly
    v.ReadOnly = True
    Dim newVReadOnly As [Boolean] = v.ReadOnly

    ' System Variable (read-only)
    Dim sysVar As [Boolean] = v.SystemVariable

    ' Type (read-only)
    Dim type As TypeCode = v.DataType

    ' Value (read/write)
    Dim vValue As [Object] = v.Value

    Console.WriteLine("The variable properties are: ")
    Console.WriteLine("Creation Name   = {0}", createName)
    Console.WriteLine("Description        = {0}", vDesc)
    Console.WriteLine("ID                     = {0}", vID)
    Console.WriteLine("Old name, new name = {0}, {1}", oldName, newName)
    Console.WriteLine("Old namespace, new namespace = {0}, {1}", oldNamespace, newNamespace)
    Console.WriteLine("Properties count   = {0}", pmCount)
    Console.WriteLine("Qualified Name     = {0}", QName)
    Console.WriteLine("old RaiseEvent, new RaiseEvent = {0}, {1}", oldraiseChEvt, raiseChangedEvent)
    Console.WriteLine("old read-only, new read-only = {0}, {1}", vReadOnly, newVReadOnly)
    Console.WriteLine("System Variable    = {0}", sysVar)
    Console.WriteLine("Type               = {0}", type)
End Sub 

Sample Output:

The variable properties are:

Creation Name =

Description = my new v Description

ID = {622CF328-55D7-4E81-9385-9C1F8450511E}

Old name, new name = v, my_new_V_name

Old namespace, new namespace = global, my_new_v_Namespace

Properties count = 12

Qualified Name = my_new_v_Namespace::my_new_V_name

old RaiseEvent, new RaiseEvent = False, True

old read-only, new read-only = False, True

System Variable = False

Type = Int32

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