EnumerationType Enumeration
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EnumerationType Enumeration


Specifies the type of objects in the NodeList array that will be iterated over by the ForEachNodeListEnumerator. The EnumerationType property is set to one of the values in this enumeration.

Namespace:   Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Enumerators.NodeList
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.ForEachNodeListEnumerator (in Microsoft.SqlServer.ForEachNodeListEnumerator.dll)

public enum EnumerationType

Member nameDescription

Enumerates the element nodes returned by an XPath operation.


Enumerates the navigator objects in the XML document


Enumerates the nodes returned by using an XPath operation.


Enumerates text nodes returned by an XPath operation.

If the EnumerationType is Navigator, Node, or NodeText, use the OuterXPathStringSourceType and the OuterXPathString properties.

If the EnumerationType is ElementCollection, set the OuterXPathStringSourceType and OuterXPathString properties. Then, use the InnerElementType property to set the enumeration type for the inner elements. Lastly, set the InnerXPathStringSourceType property.

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