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ConnectionManager Methods

The ConnectionManager type exposes the following members.

Public method AcquireConnection(Object) Creates an instance of the connection type.
Public method Dispose() Releases the resources used by the ConnectionManager.
Public method Equals(Object) Determines whether two object instances are equal. (Inherited from DtsObject.)
Protected method Finalize() (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetExpression(String) Returns a String that contains the expression for the specified property. Null means that no expression has been assigned.
Public method GetHashCode() Returns the hash code for this instance. (Inherited from DtsObject.)
Public method GetPackagePath() Gets or sets the path of the package that the connection applies to.
Public method GetType() (Inherited from Object.)
Public method LoadFromXML(XmlNode, IDTSEvents) This method is not callable by your application code. To load a package that has been saved as .xml, use the Application.LoadPackage method.
Protected method MemberwiseClone() (Inherited from Object.)
Public method ReleaseConnection(Object) Frees the connection established during AcquireConnection. Called at design time and runtime.
Public method SaveToXML(XmlDocument, XmlNode, IDTSEvents) This method is not callable by your application code. To save a package as .xml, use the Application.SaveToXml method.
Public method SetExpression(String, String) Assigns the specified expression to the property. Specify null to remove an existing expression from the property.
Public method SetQualifier(String) Changes a qualifier on the connection manager after the connection manager has been created but before it is used in a running package.
Public method ToString() (Inherited from Object.)

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