IDTSInputCollection100.NewAt Method (Int32)


Adds a new input object at the specified index in a collection.

Namespace:   Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap (in Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap.dll)

IDTSInput100 NewAt(
	int lIndex


Type: System.Int32

The location in the collection to add the new input.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper.IDTSInput100

The newly created IDTSInput100 object.

The NewAt method creates a new input object at the specified location in the collection and returns the newly created input object. If the Index parameter is outside the bounds of the collection, a Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.HResults.DTS_E_INVALIDINDEX exception occurs.

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