Specifies the status for a column in an IDTSBuffer100 object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Pipeline.Wrapper
Assembly:  Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap (in Microsoft.SqlServer.DTSPipelineWrap.dll)


Member nameDescription
DTPSTATUS_OKSpecifies that the column contains data.
DTPSTATUS_BADACCESSORSpecifies that the deferred accessor validation for the column failed.
DTPSTATUS_CANTCONVERTVALUESpecifies that the value cannot be converted because of potential data loss.
DTPSTATUS_ISNULLSpecifies that the column contains no data and is null.
DTPSTATUS_TRUNCATEDSpecifies that the variable-length data was truncated.
DTPSTATUS_SIGNMISMATCHSpecifies that a signed value was provided for an unsigned type.
DTPSTATUS_DATAOVERFLOWSpecifies that conversion failed because the data value overflowed the specified type.
DTPSTATUS_CANTCREATESpecifies that the status value for the column value cannot be created.
DTPSTATUS_UNAVAILABLESpecifies that the status of the column is not available.
DTPSTATUS_PERMISSIONDENIEDSpecifies that permission to write to the column was denied.
DTPSTATUS_INTEGRITYVIOLATIONSpecifies that the value for the column violated the integrity constraints for the column.
DTPSTATUS_SCHEMAVIOLATIONSpecifies that the value for the column violated the schema's constraint for the column.
DTPSTATUS_BADSTATUSSpecifies that the status value given to the provider was not valid.
DTPSTATUS_DEFAULTSpecifies that the provider used the default value for an input parameter in a procedure.

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